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Freenode's #perl on the many types of Wheels.

rindolf Mahmoud: what's up?
Mahmoud rindolf, writing a CMS from scratch with perl.. really cool, making my own template engine
rindolf Mahmoud: why???
rindolf Mahmoud: use TT2.
rindolf Or whatever.
Mahmoud rindolf, i dislike other CMS engines.. they are bloated and i don't trust them
rindolf Mahmoud: TT2 is pure perl.
* Mahmoud looks for TT2
rindolf Mahmoud: a CMS doesn't stay simple forever.
rindolf Mahmoud: and a CMS != Templating system.
Mahmoud rindolf, the template engine is quite simple, it's similar to how SimpleMachines forum does its templates
Mahmoud rindolf, just an external file with print 'foo'; commands
amnesiac Mahmoud, TT2 is very powerful
amnesiac Mahmoud, there are more templating systems, why not use any ofo the existing ones?
rindolf Mahmoud: please don't re-invent square wheels.
Mahmoud heh..
NOTevil oval!
* amnesiac likes hexagonal wheels
NOTevil very small octagon wheels aren't too bad.
rindolf amnesiac: triangular wheels are the best!
Shaine i like star shaped wheels :/
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