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Misbehaving Printers

cousteau damn printer... it's made like 4 fubared copies
cousteau jamming all the time, having to remove an accordion-shaped paper each time
cousteau turns out there was another sheet jammed, but it was hidden and the printer wasn't detecting it
pulse i wonder if printers will still jam paper in the year 3000
pulse maybe it's a paradox of physics
pulse a fluke in nature
`Gin I think its more down to the fact printer companies have been milking their cash cow dry, £10 in R&D each year. etc.
pulse maybe some day paper will become obsolete, then there will be no problem anymore
`Gin There are still employees at my job who would prefer to print an email out, read it and then reply to the email.
`Gin I don't have much hope for that dream pulse :P
pulse that's just stupid :P
cousteau pulse, how in the hell would printers work BETTER in the future?
cousteau the more intelligent they become, the more stupid things they'll do!
cousteau the machine rebellion will start with printers, it's a known fact
koollman I suppose the equivalent of paper jam with a 3d printer can get really messy
cousteau heh
koollman "we cannot access the printer, it is inside a large blob of solidified plastic"
koollman "the first maintenance team went in, but that was 2 days ago, and we are preparing a rescue mission"
pulse maybe they could produce the paper in the process
pulse maybe they'll print you a hologram
pulse lol
cousteau koollman, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grey_goo
koollman cousteau: yes, but that one would auto-reproduce, which is much more scary ;)
koollman although I guess a very advanced printer could print itself, it's the goal of reprap-like systems
pulse nothing a giant emp wave wouldn't fix
rindolf koollman: heh.
cousteau maybe the 3D printer accidentally gets programmed with printing a 3D copy of itself, and that copy turns out to be already programmed with the same program
pulse haha
cousteau 3D printer fork bomb!
koollman :)
rindolf Heh.
keepsake Ah, replicators.
* koollman remembers actually using a postscript 'bomb'
cousteau ...as an unrelated note, the :(){... forkbomb doesn't work on the `dash` interpreter
cousteau it says that : is not a valid function name
cousteau so you can fool your friends by trying to convince them that the forkbomb doesn't work
koollman cousteau: that's not to hard to modify, although the result will be less obscure. or is it that it doesn't support recursion ?
cousteau koollman, replace : with F and you have a working one
koollman ok, so just the character is forbidden as a name. a bit sad
cousteau or with _
koollman _ works, it's still quite hard to read :)
cousteau with _, if you tilt your head, it looks like a toilet on top of a tree
pulse that's some vivid imagination
wei2912 lol
cousteau or a chair or something
koollman pulse: shell programming may have unexpected side-effets ;)
pulse like waking up in a mental asylum
pulse ? :)
koollman nah. But I do remember making very bad jokes about zombie processes, reapers and clones
pulse hmm
koollman I woke up as a sysadmin, too. that may partially qualify
pulse lol
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