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Misleading Textbooks about Perl

rindolf mortal5: you need to print the header.
rindolf mortal5: print header()
mortal5 rindolf, ...I absolutely love it when my textbook leads me wrong..
rindolf mortal5: what is your textbook?
mortal5 "web wizards guide to perl and cgi"
mortal5 lol
mortal5 only the finest for the students at my university
buu Hahaha
buu That's awesome.
cfedde Is this what we're teacing these days? Oh my.
somian Blows the mind, doesn't it cfedde!
cfedde somian: it does.
cfedde I suppose that I'm commenting out of context. but why the mix and match.
f3ew What mind?
cfedde yours, with this .48
* somian sends in CSI las vegas to clean up
rindolf mortal5: what is your university?
mortal5 rindolf, I'm too ashamed to tell :p
rindolf mortal5: heh.
rindolf mortal5: is it bad?
mortal5 rindolf, no not really, we have a fairly well known cs dept
somian Just so long as it isn't SUNY@BUFFALO
mortal5 it's just the teacher i'm using, she's a total flake
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