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MongoDB vs. /dev/null

Hans > I’ll have to get to the bottom of those unreliable read operations. But this is looking *very* promising
Hans > /dev/null is web scale, we heard, and it supports sharding!
shlomif heheh
shlomif have I shown you ?
Hans nope,
shlomif and
Hans ```how to properly secure it against abuse, so it will only null what you send to it. Not anything external and unsolicited.``` - sounds good
shlomif I should start a page on my wiki collecting links to the /dev/null is webscale meme
Hans >/dev/null has handled zettabytes of write-only data flawlessly
Hans maybe ^^
shlomif there's also
Hans haha yeah
Hans but i dont like their setup,
Hans its not really scalable,
shlomif :-)
Hans yeah but really, nginx stores the entire request body, either in memory or on disk, before serving http 200
Hans that's not optimal!
Hans if you send a too-big-request-body to this server, you'll get a `Nginx: 413 Request Entity Too Large Error`
shlomif ah.
Hans do you see my point? :P
shlomif ah
shlomif nice analysis'
shlomif did you tell them about it?
Hans nope
shlomif ah
Hans maybe i should haha
Hans >mail: blog: twitter: @noqqe
shlomif nice
Hans (also, if you send with content-encoding: gzip/deflate/sdch, their setup will actually bother to use cpu DECOMPRESSING it, before discarding it)
shlomif ah, heh.
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