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N-uple negative on Freenode's #perl

polak mauke: so how does that "translate" into eng
merlyn "eng"?
mauke I spe eng goo
rindolf mauke: I spe eng wel
rindolf I spe goo eng
sts just a short question. besides personal preference is there any difference if you use if(! or unless(?
rindolf sts: no.
rindolf sts: they do the same thing.
Botje sts: pfft. Real Men(tm) use unless(!...)
rindolf Botje: heh.
sts lol unless(! makes sense. thanks Botje, i'll rather use this one. =D
LeoNerd For me it's a readability thing - I express what seems more likely
rindolf Botje: File::HomeDir used to have a triple or quadruple negative in one of its test files.
Botje unless(! $str !~ /(?!foo)/)
rindolf Botje: heh
merlyn whoa
merlyn unless (!) makes no sense to me at all
Botje of course not.
sts Botje: wow!
Botje it's still cool to confuse people with :]
LeoNerd Heh.. Should just use !!! in there anywa y:)
merlyn it's 7 characters too many
xand some people don't understand double negatives
merlyn I don't want no complaints!
Botje xand: you mean don't not understnad?
LeoNerd We don't know nobody who don't want no double-negatives
sts Botje: what does (?!foo) do?
nanonyme lol
xand Botje: don't not misunderstand
mauke Botje: that always executes the block
merlyn there's an argument that can be successfully made that "I don't want no complaints" doesn't necessarily work logically
Botje xand: oh, I don't not think I didn't not misunderstand you.
Botje mauke: I know. it just looks cool.
mauke and you want !($str !~ /.../)
xand don't you?#
merlyn so it might actually mean what people think they're meaning
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