Did anybody see my newline at Freenode's #perl channel. - Fortune

Did anybody see my newline at Freenode's #perl channel.

rindolf sleeper: why are people obsessed with one-liners?
rindolf It takes 3 lines - OMG what a disaster!
Botje rindolf: newline prices went up again
rindolf Botje: I buy my newlines in the black market
dabreegster Botje: again? drat.
* Botje reports rindolf to the newline police
dabreegster Botje: I know about an... (underground) operation going on to pirate newlines.
rindolf Botje: I bribed a few cops in the newline police, but nice try.
dabreegster Botje: Some crazy guys are trying to free newlines from patents! They want to rid the market!
* cursor gets called up to serve in the newline jury
rindolf I think we need to start a campaign to lift all restrictions off newlines.
dabreegster rindolf: La Resistance lives on!\n
Botje I already stockpiled millions of newlines
dabreegster Botje: We can have the one-liners destroyed by sundown
dabreegster Not destroyed, but... TURNED INTO TWO-LINERS! Mwuhahaha!
Channel #perl
Network Freenode
Tagline The Cost of Newlines