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One Moose Per Child

rindolf My Moose-based modules emit strange errors when ran under Devel::Cover . /me is a sad kitten.
buu When my moose emit things I begin to worry.
Su-Shee I don't even have a moose.
Su-Shee but I go to Ikea sometimes!
rindolf "I want a Moose!"
* rindolf buys a Moose for Su-Shee
rindolf One Moose Per Child.
buu A moose in every.. editor?
Su-Shee I'll have to put it in the living room.
rindolf If we perldoc -f fork a Moose-based program do we get two Meese.
rindolf Su-Shee: what if it's a Chocolate Moose?
Su-Shee now it's not the elephant in the room noone's talking about, it's the moose.
Su-Shee rindolf: real size? living room.
anno Tycho de Brahe had a moose free running in his castle Unraniborg. he found a vat of beer, drank it, fell down a stair and had to be killed.
Su-Shee hm, I could make a nice shower gel with moose milk powder and sell it exclusively to perl programmers.
rindolf anno: the astronomer?
anno yes
rindolf anno: ah, really?
Su-Shee anno: I don't have a castle.
anno few do
Su-Shee indeed.
Su-Shee wise anno.
rindolf One Castle Per Child!
Su-Shee when I do my moose presentation, I'll rename myself to Moo-Shee.
rindolf Su-Shee: and rent a Castle.
Su-Shee good idea. on company's expenses. ;)
rindolf Su-Shee: heh.
Su-Shee anno: wanna come? I own Schloss Charlottenburg now. ;)
rindolf - hmmm....
* rindolf contemplates what to do now.
* Su-Shee RESTs.
rindolf Maybe I'll watch more of Red vs. Blue.
rindolf Or I'll rent Schloss Charlottenburg .
rindolf Or something.
rindolf I may want to refactor the other parts of XML-Grammar-Fiction/Screenplay. I can live without testcover.
rindolf But I need my Moose.
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