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Paint of the Bikeshed

rindolf Regarding perlipc.pod : in the beginning of the sentence should I write "N.B. If the signal is fired, something bad happens." or "N.B.: if the signal is fired, something bad happens." ?
talexb With the colon, plz. :)
rindolf talexb: I see.
rindolf talexb: and a lowercase "if"?
talexb No, I think that could be upper case ..
rindolf talexb: I thought so too, but the original was the other way.
talexb it's a sentence unto itself.
rindolf talexb: but it's after a colon.
rindolf talexb: a colon does not start a new sentence.
talexb I dunno. My degree's in Engineering, not English. :(
talexb For me, the colon says, "Thing to the left is the title, thing to the right is the content.
rindolf talexb: OK, thanks anyway.
PerlJam rindolf: I'd capitalize "If"
sdgvf rindolf: how about just 'Note:'
* talexb \o/
PerlJam sdgvf: because he wants to "Note Well:" not just "Note:" :)
Zaba, 'Use of capitals'
anno Note well: ...
sdgvf most people, even if they know what N.B. stands for, aren't going to note it a whole lot harder than if it just says Note:
rindolf Bikeshedding.
rindolf PerlJam: according to Zaba's wikipedia link, it should not be capitalised.
Su-Shee what it's for nota bene?
PerlJam rindolf: My reading of the article is inconclusive as to what it "should" be. It seems to all depend on who's manual of style you subscribe to.
^Mike\b Su-Shee: yes
Su-Shee if a real sentence which could stand for its own follows, I start with a capital letter. if not, I don't.
talexb By the way: Don't forget what colour you'd like the bike shed painted.
PerlJam talexb: "color" ;->
talexb Pffffffft. ;)
LeoNerd Wait.. we're -painting- the bikeshed now? Nobody ever mentioned paint before...
talexb LeoNerd And you're head of the committee to choose the new COLOUR.
Su-Shee "first we choose the color, then we choose the paint." (from my english teacher at school.. :)
LeoNerd $ perl -MConvert::Color -E'say Convert::Color->new("bikeshed")->as_rgb->rgb' => Unable to parse color name bikeshed at -e line 1
kent\n doesn't the paint type preclude the colour choice? and paint manufacturer?
LeoNerd Hehe.. Now we're arguing about the process of bikeshedding.. Go meta :)
kent\n LeoNerd: you read my mind
kent\n and now I mention that, were' metameta something
talexb Taking things a *little* too literally.
Su-Shee kent\n: it's a lesson to illustrate that color and paint are two different things...
LeoNerd Colour is very complex problem...
LeoNerd A lot of computer-type techies think it's just an RGB triplet, or maybe a triplet in some other space...
talexb And anyway, Google's just patented the primary colours in their logo. But mauve is still available. For good reason.
Su-Shee LeoNerd: luckily, I've learned "color" by actual "paint". ;)
kent\n Yeah, it matters about whats in the proximity of the bikeshed, perceptual colour :(
anno German uses the same word for color and paint, so we need to be taught the difference
anno same with shadow and shade
* LeoNerd takes anno out back to "teach him a lesson"
Su-Shee anno: excellent example. same with freedom and liberty.
* kent\n wonders if the bikeshed has to be colourblind safe
* talexb wonders what colour a duck blind is. Oh. Camoflage. Never mind.
Su-Shee camouflage. you've just introduced french into the discussion ;)
kent\n talexb: what colours are blind ducks painted though?
kent\n wait till we start painting our words, bikeshed synaesthesia sounds like a win.
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