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#perl6 about Lisp Mentality and Usability

pmurias rindolf: what is Park/Spark?
rindolf pmurias: http://www.shlomifish.org/open-source/projects/Park-Lisp/
rindolf pmurias: it's still incomplete.
rindolf And I haven't updated it.
pmurias rindolf: if you like lisp/perl6 projects you might consider helping with a common lisp elf backend
rindolf pmurias: Common Lisp.
rindolf pmurias: thing is I think both CL and Scheme suck.
rindolf I like Lisp as a concept.
rindolf Arc is nice, but has too many implementation problems.
rindolf And missing features.
vixey Arc is not nice
rindolf I want to give a presentation to the Perl Mongers about "Foreign Languages: Lisp"
rindolf vixey: I like it.
rindolf Though I hate that "(not)" has become "(no)"
rindolf it's so non-English.
vixey it's just TCL with horrible syntax
rindolf vixey: but it's missing a lot of exciting features.
rindolf Which PG deemed as unnecessary.
rindolf Doesn't look like the 100-years language to me.
rindolf Which is why - Spark!
pmurias why not just write an s-expression p6 dialect?
rindolf pmurias: could be.
rindolf pmurias: it's another approach.
rindolf But some things make sense in Lisp and not in p6.
rindolf For example, Perl does not like to use + for string or list concat.
rindolf While Python does and it seems to be OK in Arc too.
rindolf And in CL you have (concatenate) (yuck!).
pbuetow (((hehe)))
pmurias + for strings sucks
Auzon seconded.
vixey rindolf: If you don't like CONCATENATE you can just rename it
rindolf vixey: yeah.
rindolf vixey: but I'd rather not rename concatenate because then people won't understand my code.
rindolf vixey: as TimToady said people hate abstractions.
vixey yes they will rindolf
rindolf They want things to work out of the box.
vixey A program is many many totally newly defined procedures
vixey just renaming one thing is nothing in the context of a big program
rindolf vixey: "let's spend 3 days creating a new language, and 1 day implementing the solution with it."
TimToady if it would take 10 days without the new language, it's worth it
rindolf TimToady: yeah.
rindolf TimToady: but this is the CL mentality.
vixey no it's not
rindolf Sometimes you can take 1 day to write an API.
vixey CL is too diverse you cannot generalize like that
rindolf vixey: I meant a common idiom there.
rindolf I think I'll /quit and do something productive.
rindolf Like work on Spark.
vixey another quote:
vixey how to write any computer program in two easy stages:
vixey Design and implement the programming language which would be best for solving the problem.
vixey Write the program in the language you’ve just implemented.
rindolf vixey: or just use Perl which is the best for everything.
vixey heh
TimToady the second step is obvious--the best language for the job is one that does the job on a null input
* pmichaud notes that vixey's algorithm is somewhat recursive
TimToady "All rules of thumb are false, including this one."
pmurias rindolf: when you feel like writing Common Lisp backends, contact me or mncharity ;)
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