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Scary Perl Expertise on Freenode's #perl

pasteling "struggling intern" at pasted "Here it is.." (220 lines, 5.7K) at
strugglingintern woohoo
strugglingintern there it goes...
rindolf strugglingintern: oh my god!
rindolf strugglingintern: this code looks really bad.
strugglingintern heh...
rindolf strugglingintern: if ($records eq 0 ) - don't you want ($records == 0)?
rindolf strugglingintern: do you have unit tests?
rindolf strugglingintern: and you should factor it better.
rindolf strugglingintern: and possibly use Template Toolkit or something.
rindolf strugglingintern: and you may have some HTML-injection (or XSS) problems.
Ani-_ rindolf: and probably SQL injection problems.
rindolf Ani-_: indeed!
strugglingintern :-/
Ani-_ strugglingintern: really, ask them to review that code when they get back.
strugglingintern alright
strugglingintern I appreciate it anyway
rindolf strugglingintern: how long have you been programming perl?
strugglingintern hah, about 3 months
strugglingintern This isn't all my code ;)
strugglingintern I'll look into it
strugglingintern Thanks guys (and gals).
rindolf strugglingintern: you're welcome.
strugglingintern not my choice ;)
strugglingintern it's my 3rd week here :)
rindolf Amazing how much more experienced programmers can tell a code is bad from a quick glance.
rindolf It's a bit scary.
Ani-_ nothing amazing about it. It's called skill. :)
The_SB yeh even I can tell it by a look
ology It's not scary or amazing at all.
ology It is called experience!
Ani-_ rindolf: what do you find scary?
Ani-_ rindolf: that experienced programmers can tell it? Or the code itself?
Ani-_ I would disagree on the first one but agree on the later! :)
rindolf Ani-_: no, that I'm so experienced.
rindolf Ani-_: I hope I don't sound out as a snob.
ology narcissism is fun
rindolf I should get a life.
rindolf Get a girlfriend, go to movies.
rindolf Instead all I do is write Perl.
rindolf And chat about writing Perl.
Ikarus a life, tried that, didn't mix with me
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