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Selina Mandrake: Learning Hebrew

[ Selina is sitting next to her computer at home with Firefox browsing the Hebrew Wikipedia. She keeps highlighting words and hovering over them to find translations using a Firefox extension.

There is a signal, and the Pidgin icon in the status bar starts blinking. Selina clicks it. ]

Mosheh Ben-Amram: [ on IM ] Hello, Selina! How are you doing, today?

Selina: I’m fine. Trying to contribute to the Hebrew Wikipedia. These Affixes are driving me crazy.

Mosheh Ben-Amram: Heh, עברית קשה שפה, but there are worse.

Mosheh Ben-Amram: האם את מדברת עברית? [ = “Do you speak Hebrew?” ]

Selina: Qtsath, or as new speakers will say Qetsath. Heh.

Mosheh Ben-Amram: Yes, one of the first words you have to learn to say, and it’s already a Shibboleth.

Selina: Emeth. [ = "True." ]

Selina: BTW, are you actually Mosheh Ben-Amram (= Moses) the Hebrew prophet?

Mosheh Ben-Amram: I won’t deny that I am.

Selina: Hah!

Mosheh Ben-Amram: There are quite a few other people called “Mosheh Ben-Amram” in the Israeli phone directory.

Selina: Yes, I can imagine that.

Selina: Actually, judging by recent happenings, learning Hebrew may be the least my problems.

Mosheh Ben-Amram: Anything you’d like to talk about?

Selina: No, I don’t expect you to believe me, anyway. Any more than the amount that I’ll believe you if you told me you were actually the Jewish prophet.

Mosheh Ben-Amram: Yes, well, I have some business to tend to. Good luck with the Hebrew Wikipedia. סעי לשלום - המפתחות בפנים! [ = “Drive safely, the keys are inside.” ]

Selina: Thanks, and let me figure out what you just wrote, heh.

Author Shlomi Fish
Work Selina Mandrake - The Slayer