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Sextalk according to the cult of Perl

krang Hey all, what's the best way to call one perl script from another? I was thinking I'd just use 'system("");'
dazjorz krang: yeah, that, or do ""
dazjorz krang: depends on how seperated you want them to be
krang dazjorz: you mean just a line that has ""; written on it?
Khisanth you need the do as well
dazjorz krang: no, exactly this: do "";
rindolf krang: system is usually what you want.
rindolf krang: normally require or use are preferable to do
dazjorz rindolf: that's for modules, isn't it ?
rindolf dazjorz: yes.
dazjorz wait, I think require "" would work too
rindolf dazjorz: and doing code is not such a good idea.
dazjorz rindolf: hmm?
krang rindolf: what is doing anyway?
rindolf dazjorz: I mean "perldoc -f do"-ing code.
rindolf krang: do()-ing
rindolf krang: it reads the file and evaluates it.
rindolf krang: perldoc -f do.
dazjorz rindolf: ah
dazjorz rindolf: do {}
* rindolf would rather be doing hot models than doing code. :-)
dazjorz rindolf: yeah, do BLOCK is quite useless
dazjorz heh
rindolf dazjorz: you can do my $var = do { ... }
* dazjorz would rather be doing GumbyBRAIN than doing code
GumbyBRAIN and doing code is not be in the days of immortality!
rindolf dazjorz: or eval { ... }
rindolf dazjorz: heh.
rindolf It's hard to do code.
dazjorz do $model;
dazjorz eh.. sorry, do $hotmodel;
rindolf "Are you into my brother?"
rindolf "No I'm totally into Perl."
krang ah ok, I see. Thanks guys!
rindolf krang: yw.
dazjorz heh :-)
rindolf If you want a configuration file, you should be using something like INI, YAML, etc.
rindolf XML perhaps.
rindolf Something.
rindolf Apache-like config.
dazjorz Apache-like is very strong but hard to parse, right ?
dazjorz Loading and saving configuration never looks good, especially when it's XML
dazjorz the code to load and save is ugly.
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