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What is a lie?

ProfessorBacon this is the internet? sweet!
rindolf ProfessorBacon: the Internet is a lie!
ProfessorBacon you are a lie.
sikio the internet is a series of tubes
rindolf ProfessorBacon: your statement is a lie.
ProfessorBacon rindolf: lies are lies
rindolf ProfessorBacon: the truth is a lie!
rindolf «And truth be told - I miss you. And truth be told - I'm lying.» -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gives_You_Hell
CoJaBo What, pray tell, does a Professor of Baconology do?
CoJaBo ..i remember that song
rindolf CoJaBo: finds the perfect Bacon recipes!
rindolf CoJaBo: Bacon is a lie!
rindolf CoJaBo: maybe it should be Professor Mr. Bacon like Reverend Mr. Bacon.
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Tagline Everything you’ve heard is a lie.