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What people have on their résumés

krator44 i am a young university graduate anxious to create new experiences in an innovative environment
zoite i wear cardigans and chucks and i'm eager to work in a trendy abode
tacoinanus_away krator44: that reeks of bullshit
tacoinanus_away don't put that on a resume haha
krator44 what?
tacoinanus_away Everything you've been saying
krator44 it's what everyone has on their resume
tacoinanus_away sounds like it's a line from a resume
ElmerFUD That. Wasn't krator44
tacoinanus_away krator44: that's why it's bad
ElmerFUD Wait. What
krator44 it's just the resume side of enterprise jargon
krator44 i know a guy that thrives on this language
zoite I'm a social media expert that yearns for innovative trends in an upcoming establishment
krator44 i am a team player anxious to bring new solutions to the market in a high paced start-up environment
zoite I don't know what pointers are but I can make a mean slide animation
rindolf I am a highly motivated independent team player who is detail oriented and looks at the big picture, and is anxious to create innovative solutions for the enterprise.
krator44 thats not bad
rindolf krator44: but does it scale?
zoite it's not very agile
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