THOSE. MEAN. WAR!!! - Fortune


rindolf Pedro: hi, sup?
Pedro sup, rindolf :)
rindolf Pedro: I worked on my home site.
Pedro Is it good now?
rindolf Pedro: added this page - ?
amd64 [ โ€œAlternativeโ€ Profitable Models for Web-based Commerce ]
rindolf Pedro: I hope it was good before but now it is better.
rindolf Pedro: perfection is in imperfection.
rindolf Pedro: and time is believed by some philosophers to be nature's way of moving from imperfection to somewhat lesser imperfection.
rindolf Pedro: because if reality was perfect , it wouldn't evolve.
archmint ๐Ÿ’ฏ<- what symbol is that?
archmint quiet again. Nothing sad I hope.
rindolf archmint: i see 100 something and some garbage.
archmint rindolf: what?
archmint oh in the unicode box
rindolf archmint: on the symbol.
rindolf archmint: yes.
rindolf Pedro: also see
archmint rindolf the goody two shoes reindeer, how are you?
rindolf archmint: this. MEANS. WAR!!!!
rindolf archmint: I am an EVIL Reindeer!
* rindolf uses his EVIL Antlers to curse archmint
archmint rindolf, I love you, too.
rindolf archmint: heh. :-) โ™ฅ!
* archmint weilds his wand.
archmint But if you insist
rindolf archmint: maybe you can join me on the Evil Reindeer Evil World Domination Evil Conspiracy? โ˜บ
* archmint unEVILizes rindolf
archmint rindolf: Sounds like a plan
rindolf archmint: I'm protected against anti-EVILisation schemes.
* rindolf eats archmint 's wand.
archmint no one can say I didn't try
ferros Hi Rudolf :)
rindolf ferros: THIS. MEANS. WAR!!!
ferros What do you mean?
archmint rindolf: you really are all about that war 'bout that war
* rindolf hits ferros with his "My name is Rindolf, Dammit!" cluebat.
ferros You're not Rudolf?
rindolf archmint: i wage wars.
rindolf archmint: My War! Mein Kampf!
rindolf ferros: Rudolph is one of my two goody two-shoes twins.
rindolf ferros: along with Randolph.
rindolf ferros: and they are among my arch enemies.
archmint archmint enemies?
* archmint tosses the disk to rindolf
archmint *disc
drug lol
archmint oh hi drug! again for like the third time! :P
drug hey minty :)
drug whats going on
archmint Nothing. Just listening to tiny dancer.
archmint count the headlights on the high way
archmint not *now* duuuh
archmint drug: what are you up to?
drug eating a breakfast sandwich and under the cool AC
drug the heatwave continues
archmint drug: oh! what part of the world are you in?
ferros So what's your name?
drug USA
ferros If not Rudolf?
ferros I'm sorry, drug
ferros :(
archmint It is freezing here
drug ferros: what for.
archmint rindolf: maybe you are close to me. Wanna hang?
ferros Maybe you can save up and move to the free world, drug
rindolf archmint: I live in Tel Aviv, Israel.
archmint rindolf: Oh. I live on the north pole.
rindolf archmint: ah.
archmint I thought, you know, since your name is rindolf and everything
archmint but ok
archmint I'd be willing to take a trip to Israel
archmint :P
rindolf archmint: so you can walk 1km south, 1km east, & 1km north and end up at the same place?
archmint exactly
rindolf archmint: ah, cool.
archmint Label Israel
archmint goto: Israel
archmint dam. Madlib shades of blue is definitely his best album. I cannot stop listening to it
archmint It's like you just fell into the heart of New Orleans
archmint With a hip hop influence
archmint Tools!
rindolf archmint: 50 shades of blue? ;-)
archmint rindolf: - 50
rindolf archmint: that was a joke.
archmint rindolf: me too
rindolf archmint: you were supposed to laugh.
* archmint ha
rindolf THIS. MEANS . WAR!!!
rindolf J/K.
* archmint wields a light saber this time
archmint eat that
archmint ;)
archmint rindolf: draw rindolf the EVIL reindeer eating a light saber :S
* rindolf drains the lightsaber out of light.
rindolf archmint: i'm not much of a painter.
archmint don't you draw things?
rindolf archmint: very few.
rindolf archmint: if you mean this - it's not really much -
amd64 [ Shlomi Fishโ€™s Art ]
archmint Shlomi!
archmint Shlomi {XED
archmint that was a really bad fish
rindolf archmint: yes, it means "Shalom-ful" in Hebrew.
rindolf archmint: ah, yes.
rindolf ()=<
rindolf Somewhat better.
rindolf -()=<
archmint printf "hey terminal_echo\n"
rindolf archmint: printf-format-string-exploits!
archmint .g printf string exploits
amd64 archmint:
archmint .g bash printf string exploits
amd64 archmint:
archmint rindolf.getObject().printf_exploit(rindolf.getObject().get_random_memory());
rindolf archmint: heh.
rindolf archmint: sup?
archmint rindolf: nada mucho. tu?
rindolf archmint: I wrote an email which I wasn't sure I'd like to send.
archmint rindolf: yea. To me?
rindolf archmint: no, not to you.
archmint :P
archmint :(
* archmint is sad. no emails
rindolf archmint: join a few mailing lists.
archmint well. I had 3. but not from my bff rindolf
archmint ThIs. MeAnS. wAr!
rindolf archmint: what is bff?
rindolf Wow! Studly caps.
archmint rindolf: bff means best friend forever
rindolf best-friend-forever.
archmint yes
archmint :(
archmint no emails from my bff
rindolf ah, yes, i remember it from My Little Pony.
archmint haha. ok.
* archmint sings
archmint bla bla bla bla bla something bla
rindolf archmint: are you a brony too?
archmint I am not.
archmint rindolf: Do the irc clients automatically translate sentences for us?
rindolf archmint: they do?
archmint rindolf: I was asking you
archmint also... madlib stop....
rindolf archmint: they don't by default as far as I know.
archmint haha 24 dislikes?
rindolf Maybe some do.
archmint rindolf: so you are speaking English?
rindolf archmint: yes, English.
rindolf archmint: I know English to an extent.
rindolf archmint: I can also write in Hebrew.
rindolf archmint: ืฉืœื•ื!
archmint rindolf: Do you speak arabic?
rindolf archmint: a little.
rindolf archmint: I learned Literary Arabic for 6 years at school.
archmint Mostly English, then? Or, rather, do you spea another language?
rindolf archmint: but forgot most of my vocabulary.
rindolf archmint: I talk in Hebrew with my family and Israeli neighbours and friends.
archmint ah. I see.
rindolf archmint: well, on the Internet, Israelis sometimes use English to talk with one another.
archmint rindolf: I will learn Hebrew for you.
archmint Then we can say things and noone will know what we are saying
archmint =P
rindolf archmint: in Israel, even the kiosk vendors and taxi cab drivers know English.
rindolf archmint: heh, thanks for the gesture.
rindolf archmint: you will also be able to read the Jwwish Bible and stuff.
rindolf in Hebrew.
archmint ืจืื” ื›ืžื” ื˜ื•ื‘ ืื ื™ ื›ื‘ืจ
archmint =P
rindolf โ€œYou can never truly appreciate the Gilmore Girls until you've watched it in the original Klingon.โ€
rindolf archmint: Google Translate? ;-)
archmint rindolf: of course not
* archmint is saddened
archmint THIS. MEANS. WAR!!
rindolf archmint: well, the somewhat more idiomatic way to say it is ืจืื” ื›ืžื” ืื ื™ ื›ื‘ืจ ื˜ื•ื‘
rindolf archmint: heh.
rindolf archmint: i'm not too fond of most Jazz music.
archmint :o
rindolf archmint: the Madlib track was not too bad though.
archmint :o
rindolf archmint: - madweblibs.
amd64 [ Madweblibs ]
rindolf Not my site.
archmint roflcopter
archmint remind me to not do pacman -S without first doing pacman -Syu EVER
rindolf archmint: I'm reminding you to never do pacman -S without first doing pacman -Syu. ;-)
rindolf archmint: when do you wish to be reminded of that?
* staticdomain sets a cron job to remind archmint every 5 mins
staticdomain hi everyone :)
archmint haha. thanks rindolf. staticdomain, I should :D
rindolf staticdomain: heh.
* archmint eating peanut butter sandwich
rindolf archmint: :-)
rindolf archmint: + jelly?
archmint no
rindolf archmint: ah.
archmint just pb
rindolf archmint: ah.
archmint archmint: ah.
rindolf archmint: pb is a major pb (=problem)
archmint (=
archmint why is that so, rindolf?
rindolf archmint: it's not. :-)
archmint hey, rindolf. you are red in my irc client :)
rindolf archmint: THIS. MEANS. WAR!!!
archmint haha
rindolf archmint: ah.
rindolf archmint: someone on ##programming nicknamed me "Rindolf the Red"
archmint rindolf: the red-war-tipped EVIL reindeer
rindolf Like "Gandalf the Grey"
fahadash .can rand q* archmint
gliese581c archmint, How would you find out that you ran out of invisible ink?
archmint c4 rindolf: you are this color to me
archmint this color
rindolf archmint: OK.
archmint gliese581c: taste the paper
archmint fahadash: you are red, too
staticdomain Careful. I switched his invisible ink with LSD
archmint :P
archmint q=P
rindolf I'm reminded that we had to do an exercise for English class about writing a complaint letter to a company and my friend prepared one about a smurf who received a M.I.R.R.O.R - something "round reflector of recipient" and was distressed that he saw there strange blue things.
staticdomain ugh, I'm bored but it is too hot out to go do anything fun outdoors on my day off.
rindolf It was funny.
archmint That sounds funny.
rindolf archmint: yes.
* archmint pulls out a rapier and points the tip at rindolf
rindolf archmint: - this made me burst out laughing today.
amd64 [ Shlomi Fish auf Twitter: "schquid:ยซR we talking about t wholesale suppression of t proletariat by t corrupt capitalists hell bend on providing #FOSS?!ยป Made me #LOL" ]
* rindolf eats the tip of the rapier.
archmint hahaaha
rindolf archmint: a funnier thing happened to me with the same friend for a different class.
archmint yeah no. :P
archmint rindolf: oh. yeh?
rindolf archmint: we were preparing a report about a trip and it mentioned a very obscure detail like it was built by Kurd workers from Jerusalem.
archmint huh. Very random.
rindolf So we went on a tangent and said "YEs , it was created by southern workers, who were under the supervision of Count Paul the Third, who travelled from his homeland at transylvania, to meet the duchess."
rindolf And we both laughed histerically.
rindolf And then i took a break and said "And her Siamese cat..."
rindolf And we laughed even more and my friend fell from his chair.
archmint hah. Nice. haha
archmint RINDOLF: :D
rindolf archmint: :-) # I'm glad you like it.
rindolf archmint: hi.
archmint rindolf: hi.
rindolf zanzibizarre: sleep? THAT. MEANS. WAR!!!
archmint haha
rindolf zanzibizarre: Evil Reindeer don't sleep.
rindolf Sleep is for the weak and timid.
zanzibizarre We will FIGHT, till the death!
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