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Star Trek Plot on FreeNode's #bmp - The Beep Media Player channel.

deadchip Computer: Remove characters 'nenolod' and 'sxpert'.
deadchip *beeepbeepbeebeeep*
deadchip Computer: Resume program.
sxpert "Program cannot run without characters 'nenolod' and 'sxpert'. restoring instances.
deadchip Computer: Command override, command code Lt. Cmdr. Milosz Derezynski omega-3-3-9-alpha zero. Remove instances 'nenolod' and 'sxpert'.
deadchip "Unable to comply."
deadchip "Computer: Is it possible to at least, _alter_ the subprograms nenolod and sxpert?"
deadchip "Specify parameters."
deadchip hmm i take that as a "yes"
sxpert lol
deadchip "Computer: Please remove 'nonsense' component from 'sxpert' character."
deadchip "Affirmative."
sxpert "unable to comply. "
deadchip bah
deadchip yeah
nenolod grr
deadchip you're truly un-nonsensifiable
deadchip hahaha
sxpert "the intellectual subroutines are not alterable"
deadchip "Computer: Is it possible to alter the _look_ of the character 'sxpert'?"
deadchip "Affirmative."
deadchip "Computer: Please dress character 'sxpert' in a clown's costume."
deadchip "Specify paramters."
deadchip "Mid-20th-century Earth, Balkan area."
deadchip "Processing. Character alteration complete."
deadchip sxpert: bah
deadchip yeah i knew you would delete the whole databank first
sxpert lol
geekoe "Computer, can we …. finally… simply remover the characters 'sxpert'?"
sxpert "computer, here's arlequin costume. apply to character deadchip"
sxpert "character parameters changed"
sxpert "woop"
geekoe :D
deadchip o_O
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