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The Food Chain

rindolf Hi all.
yaraju Hi rundolf!
yaraju Hi orbii!
yaraju rindolf* sorry
rindolf yaraju: meow!
rindolf yaraju: how are you?
yaraju Umm.... sqeuak?
yaraju I'm good thanks! :)
* rindolf eats yaraju - what a delicious mouse.
yaraju o_O
* yaraju reincarnates as another mouse
rindolf Heh.
yaraju cycle of life, what can I say?
* rindolf gets sick from the food and dies.
* yaraju waits for rindolf to show up again in some form
* rindolf gets reincarnated as a chimera.
yaraju :D chimera! Kewl!
* rindolf doesn't remember what exactly a chimera is.
yaraju Some mix of two animals is what I recall
yaraju of more than one animal*
rindolf - yes.
ubnotu Title: Chimera (mythology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
yaraju Forget the adjectives - those change over time. Lol!
yaraju but the fire-breathing sounds kewl!
yaraju makes it easier to cook bbq? :D
rindolf yaraju: heh, heh.
* yaraju transforms into Remi and tries to collect ingredients to mix to get that "Zing" flavor
yaraju Am I the only one here that's seen Ratatouille?
rindolf yaraju: I've seen it too.
rindolf yaraju: nice film.
yaraju \o/
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