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Play to Lose

whatsyourname hey rindolf
rindolf whatsyourname: hi.
rindolf whatsyourname: what's your name? ;-)
whatsyourname rindolf: i met you a couple of times in #programming years ago
rindolf whatsyourname: ah, I vaguely remember it and can also grep my logs.
whatsyourname what brought you to ##english channel anyway?
rindolf whatsyourname: you're welcome .
rindolf whatsyourname: I'm here on autojoin, but often just lurking.
rindolf whatsyourname: thing is - I cannot sleep yet today - too many high thoughts.
whatsyourname rindolf: I see
rindolf whatsyourname: do you mind if I share these thoughts with you?
rindolf whatsyourname: here on the channel?
rindolf And he left.
whatsyourname rindolf: i don't mind
rindolf whatsyourname: OK.
rindolf whatsyourname: I have a short essay (maybe a Google+ post) called "Play to lose"
whatsyourname When did you write it?
rindolf whatsyourname: where I say that you can learn more from a match/fight/argument/etc. that you lose than one that you won.
rindolf whatsyourname: I didn't write it yet.
rindolf whatsyourname: but i'd like to - sorry for being unclear.
whatsyourname okay
whatsyourname please continue
rindolf whatsyourname: thing is - it was believed that is the best combat fighter in history, and Chuck Norris is the second best one.
rindolf whatsyourname: now at the moment Norris is losing quite a few fights, but part of it is due to him being past his prime and with a malfunctioning left leg.
rindolf whatsyourname: but my pet theory is that many of the new age fighters could have beaten both Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee (who has since passed away unfortunately) in their prime, at least some of the time.
whatsyourname Okay
rindolf whatsyourname: and it's also possible that in this day and age if we take Joe and Martin who are two superb mixed martial artists (MMAs) then it's possible that sometimes Joe will win and sometimes Martin.
whatsyourname Yeah
rindolf whatsyourname: moreover, the ancient Hebrew word for fighting or warfare has other more positive connotations : Bread (Lechem), soldering (Lehalchim - as in electronics), etc.
whatsyourname Well, that's very interesting
rindolf whatsyourname: the root Ch.R.b/bh is reserved for destruction and a sword is called "Cherev".
whatsyourname Hehe
rindolf whatsyourname: maybe it's similar to the greek mythology conception of as noble and as violent and destructive.
rindolf whatsyourname: my point is that there are many other ways to fight aside from combat.
whatsyourname okay
rindolf whatsyourname: and the fighting I'm really good at is at writing essays, stories, humour, etc. (which also convey serious messages in hopefully amusing ways).
whatsyourname i see
rindolf whatsyourname: anyway, I decided that I encourage people to tell me why they think my stories sucked.
rindolf So I can improve in the future.
whatsyourname you should go about writing it
rindolf whatsyourname: - someone told me he didn't like that, and after I asked him for the specifics, gave me a detailed analysis, and I realised he was right and improved it.
whatsyourname i'm glad to hear that
rindolf Part of the original problem there was that that Emma Watson expressed herself in a manner that is unfit for an educated and intellectual Britishwoman who, on top of it, has graduated from English Literature from Brown University (which is a prestiguous school.).
rindolf whatsyourname: Yaakov on #perl said that he forgot how to speak English properly, because he doesn't know which words are common and which are not.
whatsyourname rindolf: what's his native language?
rindolf I have a huge problem with English vocabulary, but maybe it's actually better for non-native speakers of English (Which still sometimes ask me for clarification or "What that words means?").
rindolf whatsyourname: I think it's English. He's an American religious Jew.
rindolf whatsyourname: I'm an Israeli secular Jew.
whatsyourname rindolf: I see
rindolf whatsyourname: I think I'll just prepare a fortune cookie out of this conversation and call it a day.
whatsyourname Sure
rindolf I'm too lazy to write a proper essay and people may equally appreciate reading an IRC log.
Somelauw rindolf: Just looking a bit at your essay. "but we decided to give you a chance anyway". Here you miss the opportunity to come up with a good humorous motivation to interview her.
rindolf Somelauw: heh.
rindolf Somelauw: well, I don't feel strongly about it.
rindolf Somelauw: maybe they can say that they figured out it will be good publicity for their firm.
rindolf Somelauw: but thanks!
rindolf Somelauw++
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