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Russian Cuisine

rindolf Hi all.
Leuthihi O HAI rindolf
rindolf Leuthihi: HAI HAI.
rindolf Leuthihi: what's up?
Leuthihi rindolf: I'm hungry!
rindolf Leuthihi: there's one antidote for it.
rindolf Leuthihi: it's called Food.
rindolf Leuthihi: </bolt>
Leuthihi well, but what food?
Leuthihi and I need coffee
Leuthihi oh, I think I know what I'll have.
benwbrum_chez_so Chili. A big bowl of red, with crackers and onions on the side.
rindolf Leuthihi: does it matter?
Volis If it has to be some cuisine.
Volis Did I spell correctly?
rindolf Volis: spell what?
Volis oh yes.
Volis cuisine.
rindolf "cuisine" is spelt this way.
rindolf Yes.
rindolf It's a French word I think.
rindolf .ety cuisine
la_fen "1786, from Fr. cuisine 'style of cooking,' originally 'kitchen, cooking, cooked food' (12c.), from L.L. cocina, earlier coquina 'kitchen,' from L. coquere 'to cook' (see cook (n.))." -
rindolf OK, originally from Latin.
Volis nevermind. Which cuisine is the best?
Volis In general
rindolf Volis: I like many cuisines.
Gvidon Russian, of course
rindolf Volis: though most of the ethnic food is actually poor men's food.
rindolf Gvidon: Russian cuisine?
Gvidon rindolf: Yes
Leuthihi well, yes, because I need something to eat to be able to eat it.
rindolf Gvidon: what does it feature?
Volis Russian cuisine lacks flavour.
Gvidon rindolf: Vodka
rindolf Gvidon: ah.
Leuthihi In Soviet Russia, food tastes YOU!
rindolf Gvidon: I didn't know Vodka is nutritious
rindolf Leuthihi: :-)
Volis In Soviet Russia, They no longer use this meme. :P
Leuthihi Vodka has plenty of calories at least.
rindolf Gvidon: and I don't consume Alcoholic beverages in any quantity.
rindolf Volis: :-)
Leuthihi Volis: because: In Soviet Russia, meme uses You!
rindolf «In Soviet Russia, cats own you. Oh wait! They own you everywhere.»
Volis Considering the fact, i'm still underage. Please change the topic.
rindolf Volis: underage?
rindolf Volis: ah, you cannot drink?
Volis In Soviet Russia, left keeps you. Always.
Volis "Dear fellow driver, let left be for communist crap only"
Volis rindolf, Rules of the world.
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