How to cope with a GitHub outage - Fortune

How to cope with a GitHub outage

rindolf Hi all
rindolf Sup?
Zuu Hi rindolf and Thymo :>
Zuu Merry weekend :>
rindolf Zuu: hi
Zuu How goes it?
rindolf Zuu: fine - working on cpan modules
Thymo Hey.
rindolf Zuu: perls before swine
Thymo Is GitHub up for you guys?
rindolf Thymo: it was a while ago
Zuu rindolf, do you happen to know if theres some sort of perl to C transformer tool?
Zuu there's this exif tool written in perl, and it's just nuts that its not in C :P
rindolf Zuu: you can embed Perl code in C code
Zuu ofcourse, if i wanted to have the entire interpreter on board
Zuu anyways, i take it as a "no, i dont know of such a thing" :)
Thymo They just got a major outage.
Zuu ouch
Thymo Server availability just dropped to 0%.
Zuu maybe the student worker accidentally altered the DNS records :P
Thymo It had major outages yesterday.
Zuu Maybe they have two student workers :P
Zuu Or DoS...
Thymo The servers are still up. They're serving a 503 page.
Zuu or government attack :O
Zuu no, wait! The aliens have landed!
rindolf Zuu: heh
Zuu or maybe little bobby 0; DROP TABLES; -- have visited
Thymo SSH is still up.
Thymo But hangs as soon as it connects.
* Zuu starts playing the intro theme for X-Files
Zuu Thymo, We've got to solve this mystery
Thymo Let's ping -f them to see when they'll get back up. :p
Zuu i will help by making fun of things :>
Zuu to make sure we're doing a reliable ping, i think we need to ping it from several places
Zuu say... from a large scale botnet
rindolf Zuu: heh
Zuu you know... to see if it has come up yet :P
rindolf Zuu: you've been making me laugh now
Zuu :D
Zuu Welcome to ##Fun :>
Channel ##fun
Network Freenode