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Chat in #gnu about Domains, FOSS and Wikipedia

mrout Who likes freedom?
rindolf mrout: freedom++
Younos just give me my beer
rindolf Younos: heh.
rindolf No beer for you!
Younos aww :o(
mrout I’m in non-freedom mode atm actually, using Windoze
mrout for teh gamez
rindolf mrout: OK.
mrout but when I restart into Linux I respect the freedoms of myself and others
rindolf mrout: OK.
Younos you should respect it regardless of the platform
rindolf mrout: maybe try reporting it as a bug in WINE/etc.
rindolf mrout: the GNU project encourages FOSS developers to port their software to non-free platforms.
rindolf Though there was a small backlash about it (at least for Windows) a while ago.
alfplayer encourages?
mrout rindolf: I sure hope it does. if we can encourage users to try FOSS software on non-free platforms, they might more easily learn about FOSS and about how to protect their freedoms
rindolf - I provide a Windows binary for this. :-)
mrout Many users don’t even know they can get software that respects their freedoms.
rindolf alfplayer: well, don't know if encourage, but it doesn't hold a stand against it.
rindolf alfplayer: and a lot of GNU software can be built fine on Windows (And proprietary UNIXes).
alfplayer rindolf: that's very different imo
alfplayer rindolf: yes, like gcc and emacs
mrout btw is rms ever on here? He gave a talk at my local university a few years ago, and I never got a chance to talk to him.
rindolf - also see this.
mrout lol
rindolf mrout: I don't think he uses IRC.
rindolf mrout: he also doesn't use a graphical web browser.
rindolf mrout: though he does read the web sometimes.
mrout rindolf: i haven’t installed X yet, so neither do I. haha
rindolf He commented on a few pages on my site.
rindolf When he visited Israel, I told RMS that I felt making Freecell Solver Public Domain (now it's MIT/X11L) was appropriate given its target audience, and he said he thought making it GPLed would encourage more users of programs that used it to make them FOSS.
rindolf He also said it was OK that (now did not release their backend as free software.
rindolf mrout: ah.
rindolf mrout: well, I think he doesn't even use links or lynx or Emacs' www-mode.
rindolf mrout: yes.
rindolf mrout: they changed their name and domain.
mrout who are they? NEVER heard of them
rindolf mrout: - it's a nice way to discover some interesting software.
rindolf mrout: they are a web-directory for UNIX software.
mrout do they host it?
rindolf mrout: no.
mrout quite unlike something like github, then?
rindolf mrout: just link to it.
mrout cool
mrout will try to remember that
rindolf mrout: also see
rindolf mrout: not everything there is FOSS.
mtjm explains his Web use
rindolf mrout: and not everything is there.
rindolf mrout: but I try to publicise most of my major software there.
mtjm IRC would need a constant network access which is difficult when travelling (and needs much mor e time than batch mail writing)
rindolf Well, most of the software published there is either niche or quite boring.
mrout rindolf: Freecell Solver on freecode is the first result
rindolf mrout: for what?
mrout that google search
mrout I fail to see a problem
rindolf mrout: well, thing is there are other Freecell solvers.
rindolf mrout: and what I said is that I clog the search.
mrout Oh, I see what you mean
mrout that’s a good thing for you, though
rindolf mrout: lots of junk like FreeBSD/Debian/Ubuntu/Mandriva/Mageia packages.
rindolf mrout: that's what I call the freshmeat effect.
rindolf I get as the first hit. :-(
rindolf Damn bubbling.
rindolf - here (no bubbling) I get the wikipedia Freecell page as a first hit.
mrout rindolf: bubbling?
rindolf mrout:
mrout I get NZ results
mrout hahaha
rindolf mrout: NZ?
mrout rindolf: where are you from?
rindolf mrout: Israel.
mrout New Zealand.
rindolf mrout: but is hosted in .
rindolf I used to host it in a small Israeli hosting provider but they were too unreliable.
mrout I asked, because i expected it to be US, and so I’d say “I know what US stands for, but you don’t know what NZ stands for? Shame on you.”
rindolf mrout: I know that .nz is New Zealand.
rindolf mrout: but didn't understand the initialism in the context.
rindolf mrout: some Americans think .il is Illinois.
rindolf And .ca is California.
rindolf Well, there's also .la.
mrout ahh
rindolf And .tv.
mrout haha
mrout tv? that must be for tezdikistan. >.>
rindolf mrout: no.
rindolf mrout:
mrout joke
mrout that was a joke
mrout I know it’s not for television stuff lol
rindolf mrout: OK.
rindolf .tk domains are free.
mrout yeah
mrout Woo tokelau
* rindolf wonders if there is .fs.
rindolf There should be a country called .if so I can register shlom.if
rindolf Someone registered ;-)
rindolf Not me, though.
rindolf - no .lf either.
rindolf We need more countries.
mrout I wish there was a .ut
mrout so I could get mro.ut
rindolf mrout: ah.
rindolf Well, I can register
mrout I already have (that’s my dad’s actually) and (mine)
rindolf mrout: ah.
rindolf Are top-level .nz domains available?
rindolf like
mrout you can’t get, no
rindolf Ah.
mrout or >.>
rindolf OK.
rindolf .il domains are kinda costly and they used to require faxing.
rindolf And I don't feel my domains are particularly Israeli-related.
mrout ahh
rindolf Well, I originally got
rindolf But its DNS was flaky.
rindolf So I ended up buying
mrout what’s your actual name?
rindolf Now I also have
rindolf mrout: Shlomi Fish.
mrout Ahh
rindolf mrout: is free DNS.
mrout ?
rindolf But I guess you get what you pay for sometimes.
rindolf mrout: it's not .eu (European union).
rindolf mrout:
mrout that site’s odd
mrout what’s wrong with .eu
mrout shit a brick, they want a separate ccTLD for
rindolf mrout: nothing is wrong with .eu - it's just that is something different.
rindolf predates .eu.
mrout ahh
mrout it annoys me that the US doesn’t use .us more
mrout and clutters .com
rindolf Well, there's also .gov, .net, .org...
rindolf .mil
rindolf .navy
mrout exactly
rindolf mrout: I also have
mrout it’s pretty americo-centric
rindolf Could not get because my domain registrar did not have it.
rindolf is my own custom (and private) URL shortener.
rindolf Some overzealous spam filters blocked it.
rindolf Ah, domains.
rindolf The bread and butter of Internet conversations.
mrout lol
rindolf I know someone who has
rindolf Well, from the Internet.
rindolf And there's also which is Dan Bernstein.
rindolf DJB.
mrout domains, vim vs emacs and hello_there vs helloThere.
mrout is cool
rindolf mrout: and tabs vs. spaces.
mrout but hard to type
mrout eugh
mrout is hard to type
mrout spaces, vim, hello_there or HelloThere, but never helloThere.
rindolf Since I have and want to create a site for Vim beginners, I should get a good domain.
rindolf or does not look good.
mrout vimschlomfish
mrout lol
mrout shlom
mrout vimshlomfish
mrout what about
rindolf mrout: maybe I'll get
rindolf I think is already taken.
mrout yea
mrout by one of those shitty domain hoggers
rindolf Heh. is available. \o/
mrout i’d love
rindolf Not that I want it.
mrout begintel?
mrout $17/yr for
rindolf OK, I registered and
rindolf On .
rindolf I figured most people won't "guess" ;-)
mrout nice
rindolf So I'll have and
mrout what about
mrout begin-site seems a bit clunky
rindolf mrout: rindolf is only my IRC nickname.
mrout still
rindolf mrout: and I already have
rindolf mrout: I don't see why most people will STFW for "rindolf" or "shlomi fish" or whatever.
rindolf Most of the people come to my site using more generic searches.
rindolf - first hit !
mrout STFW?
rindolf mrout: search the fab web.
rindolf Like RTFM.
rindolf Using Google, Duck Duck go, Bing or whatever.
mrout fucking web, I assume
rindolf mrout: true.
rindolf - this was deleted because it was not notable enough. F****king deletionists.
mrout they deleted your user page?
rindolf mrout: no, only /wiki/Freecell_Solver
mrout oh
rindolf mrout: access the link - it's there.
rindolf Just not visible on default searches.
mrout “lacks references showing notability” you mean apart from the fact it’s the top google result for Freecell Solver? FUUUUU wikipedians
rindolf I restored it before it was deleted.
rindolf mrout: - some people on #wikipedia (or #wikipedia-en) told me this may not be notable.
rindolf There are a zillion pages about it.
rindolf And Wikipedia covers almost any other Solitaire variant.
mrout lol, fucking wikipedia
rindolf Yes.
mrout articles about every steeple in Italy, but not about ever solitaire variant
rindolf mrout: also about football players.
mrout your article should be restored
rindolf mrout: yes, maybe.
mrout I’d almost be convinced to do it myself
rindolf mrout: are you a wikipedian?
mrout sort of
mrout I have an account
rindolf mrout: well, I added the [[Freecell Solver]] link.
rindolf Hoping someone will fill it in.
rindolf - there is a cursory mention of it there.
mrout mmm
rindolf mrout: this section was deleted previously because it was not "Encyclopedic enough."
rindolf mrout: that Wikipedian had tons of complaints against him on his user talk page.
rindolf mrout: - this used to be about the Perl developer (and co-author of several books).
rindolf Now it's about an olympic athelete.
rindolf Well, I added that page, and people enhanced it, but then it was deleted. :-(
mrout not even an olympic athelete
rindolf mrout: ah, yes, just world competition.
mrout didn’t even place
mrout compared to an author and developer of one of the most popular programming languages
mrout :/
rindolf Yes.
rindolf Oh well, Wikipedia.
rindolf The worst encyclopedia in the world except for all others.
galex-713 ?
mrout hahaha
mrout yyeah
* galex-713 slaps mrout
galex-713 Wikipedia is perfect!
* galex-713 hides
mrout hardly
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