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Emulating cats on #jquery

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* rindolf removes ruby_on_tails off his tail and meows.
* ruby_on_tails throws his paws at rindolf and scratches his face
rindolf Fight!
* rindolf hisses at ruby_on_tails
* rindolf curves his back.
* rindolf is not a cat, he thinks, so why does he says that?
rindolf On the Internet, no one knows you're a cat.
* ruby_on_tails deep-scratches rindolf's ass
rindolf Is there a word for a female cat.
rindolf ruby_on_tails: truce?
ruby_on_tails tiger b-)
ruby_on_tails B-)
rindolf ruby_on_tails: all felines are friends.
rindolf We must be united against our common enemy.
rindolf Dogs or whatever.
* ruby_on_tails unites all breeds of cats against rindolf
rindolf ruby_on_tails: I am not the cats' no. 1 enemy.
ruby_on_tails you are :P
rindolf ruby_on_tails: heh.
ruby_on_tails lol
rindolf ruby_on_tails: :-)
rindolf "Cats of the world - unite!"
ruby_on_tails they are already united
ruby_on_tails Andy-: ajax form submission
rindolf ruby_on_tails++ # Despite being a cat god in an awfully bad mood.
ruby_on_tails :P
rindolf "Ceiling cat is watching you."
rindolf ruby_on_tails: I totally dig the lolcat web-cartoons.
rindolf I derive a sick pleasure from them.
ruby_on_tails I just watch tom n jerry
rindolf Well, not really sick.
rindolf ruby_on_tails: tom is kinda stupid.
rindolf He's the cat, right?
ruby_on_tails yea
ruby_on_tails but he's got determination till the end :>
rindolf There's also Rita and Runt (sp?) in Animaniacs.
rindolf Rita is a smart cat.
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Tagline Felines of the world - unite!