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linuxguy101 about Windows 8

linuxguy101 sebsebseb: i thought you were abducted by windows 8
rindolf sebsebseb: hi.
linuxguy101 rindolf: windows got him
rindolf linuxguy101: if you say so.
linuxguy101 he is trying to find that icon in windows 8 that has irc on it
linuxguy101 average users it usually will take a day or longer
linuxguy101 it is a productivity enhancer
rindolf linuxguy101: heh.
linuxguy101 rindolf: you must get windows 8
linuxguy101 it is an experience in windows you will never forget
rindolf linuxguy101: why?
linuxguy101 rindolf: it is like windows me and vista combined with a bunch of retarded programmers who cant speak the same lang
linuxguy101 it is jaw dropping
rindolf linuxguy101: sounds fascinating.
linuxguy101 i expect Microsoft will earn some rewards on this os
linuxguy101 like longest boot time.. Hardest os to use by a human. And most compatible os with itself ever made.
rindolf linuxguy101: :-)
linuxguy101 rindolf: you must switch to something less useful and more productive like windows 8
linuxguy101 think of the hours you could spend on windows 8.. remember it is retro
rindolf linuxguy101: retrofitted?
linuxguy101 rindolf: yes.. down to 2 or 4 colors.. steve balmer in a cocaine brain storming meeting with the developers decided to move to a gui that was un pattoned so they invented retro.. simple and stupid colors a 4 year old child could barely read or draw
linuxguy101 he called it retro
rindolf Retro.
linuxguy101 clearly a first in computing history
rindolf Now I get the joke.
rindolf Metro is Retro.
linuxguy101 oh it is no joke.. just wait for windows 8 lack of sales prompt stever balmer to shove it down into the updates for windows 7
linuxguy101 on a side note, did you know that linux is becoming more popular now days?
linuxguy101 i dont know why..
linuxguy101 rindolf: you really should try windows 8
linuxguy101 at least virtual box it..
rindolf linuxguy101: maybe I should, but I'm not going to shell out money for the experience.
linuxguy101 Warning!: using windows 8 may cause massive hysteria, laughing and vomiting in some cases..
linuxguy101 the first time i used windows 8 i laughed uncontrolably for several hours and almost wet myself
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