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Lightning Fast Objects

jrockway btw, feel free to LOL:
jrockway wow, such concise code
jrockway and i can FEEL THE SPEED from using arrays
rjbs bowl full of mush
rindolf jrockway: there was a discussion about using arrays as objects in module-authors.
jrockway i read it and laughed
jrockway (yeah, someone is wrong on the internet, but i don't really care)
rjbs I use JSON strings as my objects, and define my classes in terms of regexps that pull out the right attributes.
rjbs It makes the code portable to JavaScript, except the methods.
jrockway great plan!
jrockway regexps are fast in perl, because perl is designed for parsing text
rjbs tx, can I add "endorsed by jon rockway" to my precis?
jrockway oh yeah
jrockway i recommend you reverse the JSON first, though, to provide better encapsulation
jrockway otherwise people could read the objects… and that breaks encapsulation, dontchaknow
rjbs I use UTF-16 and rot4096.
jrockway UTF-16 IS TOO SLOW!
rindolf Heh.
jrockway i can't believe we are even having this conversation… utf-16…
jrockway i am never speaking to you again!
* rindolf wonders how one can combine JSON with inside-out objects.
rjbs jrockway: no, no, WITHOUT the bom
rjbs BOM is what makes it slow.
rjbs rindolf: sub id { my $self = shift; $json_parser_for{ $self }->decode($json_for{ $self })->{id} }
rindolf rjbs: LOL.
rindolf rjbs++
Dylan unicode: somebody set us up the BOM
ilmari BOM-de-ada
rindolf Where's the BOM? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering Ka-BOM!
rjbs I think Iran has it.
perigrin if it doesn't … Sen. McCain will introduce a bill to provide them with one
rjbs give the bom bom bom, bom to Iran
rjbs funnier if you pronounce Iran properly
perigrin iran … iran so far away …
rindolf iRack -
autarch someone set us up the BOM
jnapiorkowski I thought all our base waz ownzed or something like that
* confound is the king of BOM
rjbs who's the BOM king?
confound I'm the BOM king!
ubu "once i was the King of BOM"
rjbs hear me now
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