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"Someone is Wrong"

mst but jrockway will bitch about them all anyway
stevan rhesa: 100% of those with the last name "Rockway" will do that
rhesa hehehe
rjbs Subject: catalyst framework not compatible with PERL
jrockway stevan: i am going to name my kid "Someone is WRONG"
stevan jrockway: I think that will be implied, no need to actually name him that
perigrin Someone is WRONG rockway
perigrin has a nice ring to it
Penfold aka 'little Bobby wrong'?
rhesa would make a great children's book series: SiW in the zoo etc
stevan :D
stevan the first one in the series should be Someone is Wrong on the internet
jrockway rhesa: that is a great idea!
jrockway rhesa: i have a friend who is writing a children's book
jrockway i will tell her to change the title and content immediately!
jrockway someone is wrong in the children's book industry!
rjbs "No, zookeeper. That animal doesn't have a tail; it's *not* a monkey!"
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