Take that to a different channel - Fortune

Take that to a different channel

metaperl_work thank you
metaperl_work nothingmuch, i want to chat with you on kiokudb
rindolf Hi metaperl_work
confound you should chat with him on #kiokudb then
mst metaperl_work: you mean "about kiokudb"
metaperl_work rindolf, hi! long time no see
rindolf metaperl_work: yes.
metaperl_work we are talking in #kiokudb confound
rindolf metaperl_work: what have you been up to?
confound no, this is #moose!
metaperl_work confound, "we" = me and yuval
metaperl_work rindolf, well.... keeping Seamstress up to date
rindolf metaperl_work: yuval and I.
jhannah In related news: i'm chatting on my mobile phone
metaperl_work Moose is saving my life... SUPER handy
metaperl_work jhannah, what type of mobile phone?
rindolf metaperl_work: what is Seamstress?
purl Seamstress is really nothing anyway
confound it's on cpan
jhannah metaperl_work: please take that question to #jhannah_phones
mst jhannah++
stevan jhannah: which network, there doesnt seem to be anyone there
nothingmuch i think buffy might be a closet lesbian
* stevan HAS TO KNOW!!!!
stevan nothingmuch: duh
nothingmuch stevan: i think you kinda missed the joke =P
stevan take that to #closet-lesbian-vampire-slayers
jhannah i get jokes
rindolf stevan: LOL. stevan++
dhoss jhannah++
jhannah stevan: i have hundreds of invisible groupies in dozens of #jhannah_* channels. they are well trained to be quiet when interlopers lope in
Channel #moose
Network MAGNet
Tagline Take that to a different channel