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Chat in #objectivism about Publicity

rindolf Hi all.
srogers howdy
rindolf srogers: hi, what's up?
srogers work, mostly
srogers "one of those days"
rindolf Ah.
rindolf Work.
rindolf I'm enjoying my unemployed status.
rindolf And after all that hospital thing is behind me, I'd like to go to and set up some events where I read from my writings/etc.
rindolf To gain some esteem.
rindolf I contacted an Israeli publisher about publishing some of my stories and/or essays, but they didn't return to me after more than a month (which is their designated limit).
rindolf And after reminding them on the phone, I gave up.
rindolf Well, I'm not going to sit idly and expect recognition to come to me.
rindolf Maybe I'll use some of my Project Wonderful money to gain some publicity.
rindolf I could try publicising some of my works on various sites such as
srogers Yeah - promote yourself
rindolf srogers: yes.
rindolf srogers: I think that was the main mistake of Howard Roark in The Fountainhead.
rindolf He should have worked more on publicity.
srogers ha - if only he had Facebook . . .
rindolf Heh.
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