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Not a bug on #offtopic on OFTC

rindolf sarnold: you go to OGI?
sarnold rindolf: no; but my boss and a co-worker are professors there, and other co-workers earned degrees there..
rindolf sarnold: OK.
muli sarnold, have you got one of those pesky things?
sarnold muli: just Bachelor of Arts .. no Masters or Ph.D...
rindolf sarnold: B.Sc or B.A.?
muli rindolf, Bachelor of Arts is B.A.
rindolf muli: I know. But I was just checking.
sarnold rindolf: ah, you’re right, B.Sc.. I chickened out on the language requirements :)
rindolf muli: see?? LOL.
muli rindolf, sometimes, two bugs cancel each other.
rindolf muli: wisely spoken.
rindolf But mine wasn’t a bug - it was a sanity check.
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