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Su-Shee hm, do browsers treat URLs encoded/unencoded with foo/bar/baz#fumpp versus foo/bar/baz%23fumpp differently? (aka in-page links)?
huf they should
Su-Shee dammit.
huf 's the point of urlencoding
Su-Shee yeah, I really wasn't sure, I haven't used in-page links for at least a decade or so.
Nei # doesnt get send to the server
rindolf Now there's also them AJAX URLs #!op/sub-op/foo-12353ab343
Nei unless via JS
huf "now"
huf you mean years ago before js got the history api
rindolf huf: maybe - I still see them sometimes.
huf but yeah, lots of crap still does the #! thing
Nei "now" everyone is using the history api to fake real looking urls that could be sent to the server right
rindolf Google Groups I'm looking at you.
huf Nei: yeah. so great. :(
huf "our websites are huge and slow and clunky. i know, let's add MORE crap"
Nei hihihi
Nei I share the room with a php dev and he loves his shit and tells me all those horror stories how they implement this caching and another caching to speed things up
Su-Shee huf: no, I'm really honestly using real in-page links :)
huf at least this way we get to spend cpu cycles on *gasp* transitions!
huf Su-Shee: yeah, those are fine and cool
Nei and repllace everything with ajax and in-page div replacement so it doesnt feel sluggish
Su-Shee huf: not when they get encoded apparently.. :)
huf Nei: and somehow it's still not as fast as a nice clean simple website built with html4 and no css. just the content, cleanly. no crap.
huf Su-Shee: write some js to decode it and ajax and ... oh god
Nei at least php auto-gzips for you
huf unless it segfaults :D
huf (guess what we spent our time with yesterday...)
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