Ewwww - Fortune


ZadYree oh, thanks
rindolf tm604++ # Helping ZadYree
ZadYree rindolf, eww ;)
rindolf ZadYree: mewww!
pink_mist 0_o eww?
ZadYree Eww!
rindolf pink_mist: ZadYree and I say "ewwww" to each other for greeting or approval.
blue_sky not oooh?
rindolf pink_mist: it started from a conversation we had when I said I'm going to say "Ewwwww" for everything people told me about what they were doing.
rindolf pink_mist: after someone told me "XML? Ewwwww!" when I told him I'm working with XML.
rindolf So I said something like "You ate an apple? Ewwww!"
pink_mist rindolf: heh, right :P
rindolf pink_mist: ewwww!
rindolf ;-)
pink_mist now I'm going to go into town and get pizza ... it's horrible being out in the countryside and not being able to get pizza without making it yourself! =(
Soltis pizza: ewww!
rindolf pink_mist: Pizza! Yum yum.
rindolf Soltis: heh, you're doing it right.
rindolf Soltis++
ZadYree Finally works fine playing with scalar context. Damn, such solutions make me understand I am way far from mastering Perl.
rindolf ZadYree: awesome.
tm604 perlbot, lists and things
perlbot tm604: http://altreus.blogspot.com/2011/08/lists-and-things-made-of-lists.html
tm604 ^ might help
Soltis Homemade pizza while living in the sticks-- that brings back traumatic memories.
Soltis (PROTIP: never use whole wheat under-aged sourdough for pizza crust)
snakpak ewww indeed
Soltis My parents were not good cooks.
Soltis Still aren't, actually.
Soltis If someone tells me their food is just like my mother used to make, I'll run for the hills.
Altreus pink_mist: it's horrible being in town and getting pizza you don't make yourself, though
Altreus unless you have a Pizza Stop like we do cos they do really good pizza
Altreus DO YOU
vague Altreus, how about a pizza place where you make your own pizza?
vague With all the toppings
rindolf perlbot: vague
perlbot rindolf: vague question is really, really vague, in fact it's so fucking vague that you can't even caption a cat with it because the cat would DIE OF VAGUE | http://www.trout.me.uk/vague.jpg
rindolf vague: you must get highlighted a lot.
vague rindolf, I do. Stop using my name so frivolously
rindolf vague: OK.
vague Thank you :)
jkg do not take vague's name in vague.
jkg I mean, in vain.
Altreus /nick vain
Altreus oi
vague Don't take it at all. I have it registered and ghosted!
Altreus vague: sounds like an excuse to charge customers for the privilege of saving you money
vague Whatever floats my boat
Altreus bouyancy
popl imagination
popl vague doesn't have a boat
Altreus irrelevant
Altreus Boats all float by the same mechanic
Altreus if there's no boat there's no float and the physics doesn't matter
popl Altreus: imagined boats can float by whichever mechanics the imaginer decides.
Altreus surely they can't float at all
Altreus since the floating would also be imaginary
Soltis Imagined boats are sususpended by vague plausibility.
DrForr_ That's far too compelex for this discussion.
Altreus Soltis is just gratuitously highlighting vague, which I am all for
Altreus for which I am all
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