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The ApeironPhone

Enl apeiron: because I write client side (Provider) which sends push messages to the phone and checks for new mail in perl
rindolf Enl: a cellphone?
apeiron No, a rotary POTS phone that's capable of receiving email, rindolf.
Enl rindolf: iphone, yep
rindolf apeiron: :-) apeiron++
rindolf apeiron: I want a phone like that!
rindolf apeiron: do you sell them?
apeiron rindolf, Yes, and I have some oceanfront property for you, too.
rindolf apeiron: would you accept some of my copious gold bars in return?
apeiron rindolf, No. I only deal in Latinum!
rindolf apeiron: Latinum.
rindolf apeiron: gold-pressed Latinum?
apeiron yes.
rindolf apeiron: I only have silver-pressed Latinum.
Enl rindolf: get an iPhone, lol
rindolf apeiron: would you accept LeoNerd and nanonyme as substitutes ? You can sell them for mucho Latinum.
apeiron heh
rindolf Enl: iPhones are worthless.
* rindolf conspires to steal the ApeironPhones.
rindolf I didn't say I was honest.
* apeiron jealously guards his G1
Enl rindolf: now really
rindolf Enl: you should get an ApeironPhone too.
rindolf Enl: chicks love it.
apeiron what
Enl rindolf: pff, chicks dont matter
rindolf I would kill for an ApeironPhone!
Su-Shee ahaem?
* rindolf kills Su-Shee and takes her ApeironPhone.
apeiron ...
apeiron wtf.
go|dfish hahaha
* rindolf uses his RindolfMindReading™ to see who else has an ApeironPhone.
apeiron Put down the acid, Shlomi. o.o
huf like that'll help
huf he's still got ~8 hrs on it
Su-Shee rindolf: I have an apeiron-phone?
Su-Shee where did buu go anyway?
rindolf Su-Shee: you had one.
rindolf Su-Shee: before you died.
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Tagline The ApeironPhone - you know you want it