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arkydo rindolf: How different is modern Hewbrew from classical Hebrew in terms of grammar?
rindolf arkydo: Classical Hebrew? What's that?
thrig presumably with tuxes and violins instead of guitars
rindolf arkydo: there was Biblical Hebrew, Mishna'ic Hebrew, Medieval Hebrew, post-Medieval Hebrew, and Modern Hebrew.
stan\0 how confusing
arkydo rindolf: biblical Hebrew I mean.
grothendieck Post-Modern Hebrew :P
rindolf arkydo: I think Modern Hebrew is using the grammar of the Mishna'ic Hebrew with the vocabulary of the Biblical Hebrew.
thrig Atonal Hebrew, Serial Hebrew, Minimal Hebrew
rindolf arkydo: you can understand a large part of the Bible, but the grammar sounds different.
rindolf arkydo: though you get used to it.
Vicissitude what about homebrew Hebrew?
rindolf Vicissitude: perlbrew Hebrew!
Vicissitude :)
rindolf perlall Hebrew.
rindolf local-lib Hebrew.
alpha- we should all just stick to ASCII
alpha- and learn English
alpha- would make things so much easier
rindolf alpha-: and less interesting, too.
rindolf alpha-: and less enlightening.
rindolf But that was a joke.
mauke ASCII isn't enough for English
rindolf “128 characters should be enough for everybody.” ;-)
mauke don’t be naïve
thrig I'm sure we can all coöperate on some solution
rindolf mauke: give me ASCII or give me deaþ!
mauke rindolf: ☠
rindolf mauke: thanks.
* rindolf takes the Unicode death thingy from mauke.
mauke there's also ⺞
thrig huh. really google? nothing?
petn-randall I think we should all go back to grunting in two tones
stan\0 i think google broke
stan\0 for some peopel at least
petn-randall Then we only need one bit for every sound we make
stan\0 only gives me shit
rindolf - seems to work.
stan\0 i meant the quality of results returned is subpar
rindolf petn-randall: wheee... whaaa?
mauke uh-huh
petn-randall rindolf: Exactly.
petn-randall Then we could get of this 'ASCII' everyone's talking about, too
rindolf petn-randall: whooo!
rindolf Ooops.
petn-randall rindolf: You overdid it, how am I gonna get those three cries into one bit?!
rindolf petn-randall: use UTF-cries.
petn-randall I could use compression, I guess ...
rindolf Or UTF-1
* petn-randall snickers
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