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Best Kind of Bugs

rindolf perlmonkey2: I've ran into a strange problem with CMake. It's some kind of bug that disappears after running a few commands.
perlmonkey2 rindolf: heh, the best kind of bugs are intermittant and only happen under load :P
rindolf perlmonkey2: it's not load.
daemon The best kind of bugs are the ones that do not happen at all :)
rindolf daemon: heh.
rindolf daemon++
Altreus The best kind of bugs are the ones that only happen to people you hate.
perlmonkey2 hahahaha
Altreus Those aren't usually bugs
Altreus >:)
daemon Altreus, you mean the ones you coded to happen to that said person ;)
daemon hehe
Altreus Not being able to reproduce strange behaviour is fine too
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