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Bit by bit

Similian is there a smart way to read a file to a certain string bit by bit ?
Similian which loop to use?
rindolf Similian: you can read it byte by byte.
rindolf Similian: do you want to read the whole thing?
Similian no
Similian too big 200 MB
simcop2387-lab reading bit by bit is usually not supported by most operating systems
rindolf Similian: then do you want to read one byte at a time?
ik or one line at a time?
Similian guess a line would be better
rindolf simcop2387-lab: it is on my rindolfOS running on Intel 1001.
rindolf Which was a 1-bit processor.
ik heh
ik I had a half-bit processor
ik it just stored ones
danieldg ik: that would be a zero-bit processor then
ik no no
danieldg half-bit processor stores 0's or sqrt(2)'s
ik sqrt(2) may as well be 1
simcop2387-lab rindolf: a 1 bit processor would be a hell of a thing to work with
danieldg not if you can't test it unless it's one
ik We're not talking about numbers, we're talking about on and off, true and false, whatever you want to call it
ik sqrt(2) is nonzero, so it's one.
rindolf danieldg: not 1/sqrt(2)?
danieldg hmm it would probably be that, yes
simcop2387-lab my proc uses sqrt[-1]!
ik may as well
danieldg ik: think quantum computers. It tests true with probability 1/sqrt(2)
ik I'm not talking about a quantum computer..
danieldg well a 1/2 bit computer clearly can't be classical
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