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Booleans in Perl

rindolf Varsuchi: but "true" is not a Perl built-in.
Varsuchi ..........
Varsuchi so 1 or 0 then
Varsuchi instead of true?
Grinnz_ usually, yes
rindolf perlbot: false
perlbot rindolf: undef, 0, "", "0"
rindolf Varsuchi: just use it in boolean context.
Varsuchi while x = 1 for true
Varsuchi ..
Varsuchi sure
rindolf Varsuchi: « while ($run) { ... }»
Grinnz_ my $run = 1; while ($run) { ... }
Varsuchi diddnt know perl didnt support bools
Varsuchi makes sense!
Grinnz_ it does, just everything is a bool
Altreus it does support bools, it just doesn't select two values and name them
huf because bool is a way of looking at things
huf not a thing itself
* anno looks at huf boolishly
Altreus Varsuchi: true is a property of a value, not a value
huf anno: and i'm truthy
anno i see
pink_mist my $huf = 0; #my huf isn't truthy :P
Altreus it's truthy, it's just not truey
Grinnz_ our $huf = ''; # our huf is empty inside
pink_mist our @huf = (); # it's just an empty shell
huf none of those are me
Altreus 1 while <huf>
pink_mist sub huf { "he's also submissive" }
* Altreus has a handle on huf
huf HEY! i wear clothes, dont make me out to be one of those nudist handles
huf pink_mist: let's go with that
pink_mist it returns a true value after all :P
huf but really, i'm a starry eyed shepherd
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