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jozefk anybody with suggestion how can I clean up the code in the way as this tool is doing it temporarily in browser?
rindolf jozefk: you can define a print stylesheet.
jozefk I want to clean the page from everything. not only to see it like that on screen but to really modify the code
rindolf jozefk: well, you can read what the bookmarklet is doing and emulate it.
jozefk I see the javascript code from bookmarklet but I think I can't modify real files on hard disk with javacript codes
jozefk and the code is more than 300 lines :)
tm604 sure you can, js runs serverside happily enough, but it'd be just as easy to convert the JS logic to perl.
jozefk that sounds like programing. I thought there is some tool like that bookmarklet which I can use to modify files on HDD
Altreus tm604: except the JS runs on a DOM in a browser, with a browser context
tm604 yes, it does sound a bit like programming, doesn't it? good thing this is a programming channel, so it's hopefully still on-topic.
Altreus I don't think there's a node module that will load an HTML file and create a browser context in which to then run JS on that HTML's DOM and output the result
jozefk :)
jozefk DOM is not so important here I think. because JS is removing everything from code and just applying another CSS
jozefk so the page looks different
tm604 huh, thought there was. the script itself should be trivial to convert to perl either way.
Altreus probably a better idea :)
jozefk yeah, better. one day when I become a programmer :) I will do it.
pkrumins I want to become a brogrammer
jozefk why?
Altreus taking pictures of bros
pkrumins So I can do some awesome brogramming, jozefk!
jozefk :))
rindolf pkrumins: yo bro! I hurd you like brogramming so we put your bro in your brogram so you can brogram while you bro!
nate_h rofl
rindolf nate_h: :-)
nate_h should it be brozefk ?
rindolf rinbrolf
rindolf pk-bro-mins
pkrumins rindolf: i put a browser in your browser
pkrumins rindolf: so you can browse while yo browse
rindolf pkrumins: bro, a browser is so 90s.
fizztpok broser?
PerlJam bowser
nate_h mushroom?
rindolf pkrumins: KDE-4.8.x-beta-something is coming to Mageia Linux 2/Cauldron. \o/
fizztpok I search on duckduckbro!
nate_h co-co-coommmboo breaker
rindolf pkrumins: I'll see how much it fixes and how much it breaks.
rindolf pkrumins: and fix what it breaks and break what it fixes.
rindolf To preserve the balance in the force.
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