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Can I haz a fast compiler on Freenode's #perl

rindolf rbastic: now I'm working with C++.
rindolf rbastic: I found out that my project compiles really quickly.
rindolf rbastic: under 5 or 10 minutes on a P4-2.4GHz with 1 GB of RAM.
rindolf rbastic: maybe KDE is making g++ look bad.
rbastic rindolf: yeah, i'm not a big KDE fan
rindolf rbastic: actually I'm using KDE-3.5.8 here.
rindolf rbastic: I was talking about the compilation speed of KDE apps and KDE itself.
rindolf rbastic: possibly because each file has half-a-gazillion headers.
rindolf My C++ code is a server one, so we don't have too many deps.
rbastic yeah, isn't there a way to cache header files? ie. in their "compiled" form?
rbastic or is that something I'm remembering from some other programming language that purported to build on top of C?
rindolf rbastic: MSVC has that.
rbastic ahh, nods
rindolf rbastic: no, Visual C++ has precompiled headers.
rindolf rbastic: I remember that I kept deleting them.
rbastic yeah, couldn't remember
rbastic lol
rindolf Pascal compiles very quickly.
rindolf That's one of the things I enjoyed in Delphi.
rbastic ugh, the app i'm been maintaining in Java was originally a fat client/server desktop app, written in Delphi
rindolf rbastic: ah.
rbastic i remember booting up the old app for the first time, and being amazed at how slow it was
rbastic eventually, i had to duplicate a feature in the Java code and i wasn't sure how it was implemented before
rindolf rbastic: you mean the Java app is faster? :S
rbastic so being as i had no Delphi experience, and the newer Delphi environments made NO sense to me at all, i just opened up the SQL Server query analyzer
rbastic rindolf: yes, but only b/c the Delphi programmer was an idiot, issuing queries over and over again needlessly
rbastic rindolf: if you could've seen the MSSQL Performance Analyzer or whatever, it was basically just.. Query1, Query2, Query3, Query1, Query2, Query3, repeat.
rbastic it was probably the worst ive ever seen in my life.. belongs on
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