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Cats in Soviet Russia

rindolf Mithaldu: I think most contemporary T.V. kinda sucks.
rindolf Mithaldu: it seems very phony.
Mithaldu rindolf: same, i haven't actually switched on my tv in five years
rindolf I prefer a YouTube video of a kitten riding on a turtle.
rindolf Mithaldu: :-)
Mithaldu :D
rindolf Mithaldu: yes.
rindolf Mithaldu: there is one, BTW.
Mithaldu oh i do not doubt that
rindolf Don't know if it's authentic.
rindolf I saw a friendly cat today, and he purred after I scratched his head.
rindolf I like Friendly cats.
rindolf I think lolcats are very subversive.
rindolf Or were.
rindolf "Ceiling cat is watching you"
Mithaldu cats are the definition of subversive
Mithaldu they adopt you
rindolf Mithaldu: heh.
rindolf In Soviet Russia, cats own you!
rindolf In Soviet Russia, cats are your master!
rindolf Well, in Soviet Russia and everywhere.
kent\n rindolf: you got it backwards.
kent\n In soviet russia, cats are actually your pets.
Mithaldu hahaha
rindolf kent\n: heh.
rindolf kent\n++
rindolf I feel better now.
rindolf Empowered but calm.
rindolf Thanks to the cats jokes.
Mithaldu world healing by cat jokes
rindolf Hopefully, I'll sleep well tonight.
kent\n Next on the agenda. DICK JOKES!
rindolf Mithaldu: cats are good for healing I think.
rindolf kent\n: NO!!!!!
kent\n ( don't worry, this won't take long )
Mithaldu yes, as long as you do not own cables
Mithaldu kent\n: you mean it won't BE very long
Mithaldu hurr hurr
rindolf kent\n: I've got 99 problems but kent\n ain't one.
kent\n ;)
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