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Do you speak French?

rindolf uwd: what's up?
rindolf BTW, how has English become the official language of Singapore?
Altreus Viral marketing
uwd singapore has four official languages.
uwd one national one.
uwd also, politics.
uwd also, see wikipedia.
Altreus it knows all
Altreus [citation needed]
ik rindolf: it's a byproduct of the Richard Nixon / Henry Ford's campaign for chief taxonomist of western Nepal
ik (a coveted position)
Altreus taxonomist!
rindolf Wikpedia has an article about everything including the
Altreus They are in charge of taxis!
Altreus disambiguation pages make me sad :(
ik I like the disambiguity!
rindolf ik: heh
uwd i like disambiguation pages. they say "this thing you seek... it is not only one thing, you see? no, no, mon ami, this world, she is too big to contain only one of everything, eh?"
Altreus :D you talk like dee
uwd what.
Altreus wat
Altreus That message you said in French could have been typed by dee!
Altreus except it was you.
Altreus you doubleyou dee
uwd it was in English, actually.
Altreus okay
Altreus But it had some French in it
Altreus !
ik Two words! Four, if you count "no". Twice.
rindolf Yes, it sounded French to me too.
Altreus no is not french
rindolf non is.
Altreus oui!
Altreus elle n'a pas dit non
rindolf In any case saying "She" of the world is also a Frenchism.
rindolf Je ne sais pas.
ik But it's not french
rindolf Parlez vous anglais?
uwd it is also a generic Euroism.
Altreus oui
Altreus England is Europe too :(
uwd so not that French.
pkrumins Je m'appelle Pierre
rindolf pkrumins: heh.
pkrumins Je suis 24 ans!
Altreus Gods, the number of times I got contradicted at school for knowing that England was in Europe
pkrumins Je h'abite Riga
uwd Altreus: dude, given that was mostly English, i don't see why the sadface.
rindolf Tu s'appelle Peteris
Altreus it's no wonder stupid people make me violent
pkrumins Je'abite
rindolf pkrumins: not en Riga?
pkrumins maybe
rindolf or de Riga?
Altreus uwd: hmm
rindolf J'abite, non?
Altreus I seem to sadface a lot more than is necessary due to how I'm never actually sad
pkrumins Oui.
Altreus rindolf: habite
pkrumins Je monger a macdo.
Altreus il y a un h
pkrumins Je travailler on ordinator
pkrumins a programmator.
pkrumins Oui.
Altreus en!
Altreus probably au tbh
Altreus but a l' because vowel
uwd l'ordinator?
Altreus And travaille is the first-person present participle
Altreus And -eur
Altreus But mostly right!
uwd why -eur?
* Altreus pats pkrumins on the back
Altreus ordinateur
pkrumins tehe.
pkrumins jadone chats
Altreus I wonder if a pink one is an ordinateuse
pkrumins (or was it chiens)
uwd it's so much easier to say she and mon ami and have people think it's french than actually speak french...
pkrumins i think chats
pkrumins j'adore chats
pkrumins jaim a perl chat
Shiyiya jain n'est pas un mot
Shiyiya *jaim
Altreus j'aime
Shiyiya aussi jadone n'est pas un mot
pkrumins hmm
pkrumins pawings
pkrumins all i can say
rindolf pkrumins: chien is a dog.
rindolf I think.
Shiyiya Ues, chien is dog
Shiyiya *Yes
rindolf chat
rindolf chatte for feminine
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