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Round Numbers

hemanth meow!
rindolf hemanth: meow.
rindolf hemanth: still no IRC at work?
hemanth nope :/
rindolf hemanth: did you talk with the sys-admins?
hemanth rindolf: it seems more like freenode have blocked the IP
hemanth hang on
hemanth "You are banned from this server- Temporary K-line 6000 min. - Please do not harass users on freenode. If in error, please contact Thanks! (2011/11/1 06.24)"
rindolf hemanth: ah.
simcop2387 hemanth: what did you do?
LeoNerd 6000 minutes. 100 hours.
LeoNerd 4 days 4 hours. A weird number
simcop2387 farnsworth: 6000 minutes -> days
farnsworth simcop2387: (25/6 /* apx (4.16666666666666) */)
hemanth heh heh
simcop2387 LeoNerd: i think it was entirely because 100 hours is a "round number"
Altreus 0, 6, 8, 9 are round numbers
Altreus The rest are a bit pointy
Altreus maybe sometimes a 3 depending on font
Altreus but it still has a pointy bit
rindolf Altreus: heh.
rindolf Altreus: actually, they are round digits.
Altreus bah, you win
simcop2387 1 isn't round
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