2014’s 4th of July’s #perl Green Tea Party - Fortune

2014’s 4th of July’s #perl Green Tea Party

Su-Shee hm, was there a time datatype for duration in postgres? or am I just wishful thinking?
_DrForr Su-Shee: 'interval'?
rindolf Radditz: nice. :-)
rindolf _DrForr++ # Helping Su-Shee
Su-Shee _DrForr: lemme look. merci.
rindolf _DrForr: why do you have a leading underscore now?
_DrForr At least in 9.1.
* rindolf eats the underscore.
Su-Shee _DrForr: I have the latest and shiniest postgres.
_DrForr Haven't found and /killed my clone, I guess.
popl You'll spoil your dinner.
rindolf It was a good underscore. Minty with a hint of cranberries.
rindolf _DrForr: ah. /msg NickServ HELP GHOST?
Su-Shee oh genius. interval hour to minute is exactly what I need.
popl interval is awesome
rindolf PostgreSQL++
Su-Shee my favorite: allballs ;)
rindolf Underscores are the most nutritious punctuation. But you also need to eat letters, digits and whitespace for a balanced diet.
rindolf ;-)
Altreus r 2 hours ago you said you were going to sleep
Altreus rindolf: *
LeoNerd I much prefer scheme's-name-style
rindolf And both uppercase and lowercase letters are important.
anno humor!
Su-Shee LeoNerd: See my -? ;)
LeoNerd Su-Shee: ooooh... I hadn't thought of that. Yes :)
rindolf Altreus: I went to sleep and woke up with some great ideas for my new screenplay.
Altreus rindolf: do you normally sleep in short periods?
Su-Shee LeoNerd: sadly, doesn't work most of the time elsewhere. most login names for example don't allow -
Altreus rindolf: or was it just a nap
Su-Shee LeoNerd: half of the perlbot refuse me because of it too. ;)
rindolf Altreus, anno : also see http://www.shlomifish.org/humour/fortunes/show.cgi?id=sharp-xkcd-programming-languages-sex-talk .
anno yeah, sure
rindolf Altreus: just a nap - lately I've been hypomanic so I sleep less at once.
rindolf Altreus: and wake up early.
rindolf Altreus: I also have many small meals.
popl rindolf: I have found that having a shitty job helps me regulate my depression.
rindolf popl: ah, OK.
rindolf popl: I'd like to get a job where I interact with people a lot.
rindolf popl: like a shop vendor.
rindolf popl: so far many of these places asked me for my age, and I'm 1977-born.
rindolf And* a Technion graduate in EE.
rindolf So people may think i'm overqualified.
Su-Shee huf! where are you! HELP!
rindolf But there are no small jobs - only small workers.
_DrForr More efficient, you can pack more into a small space.
popl I've seen some very large workers.
rindolf popl: heh.
rindolf popl: http://www.shlomifish.org/humour/bits/Emma-Watson-applying-for-a-software-dev-job/ - paraphrasing on what I wrote here.
rindolf popl: I didn't mean small in physical size - just "Rosh qatan" and with a big ego.
rindolf perlbot: rosh gadol
rindolf perlbot: search for rosh
rindolf perlbot: Rosh Gadol is http://www.joelonsoftware.com/items/2004/12/06.html - literally "Big Head" or "Small Head", Hebrew slang for taking initiative, and being awesome at your job or responsibilities regardless of how small they are.
perlbot rindolf: Stored Rosh Gadol is http://www.joelonsoftware.com/items/2004/12/06.html - literally "Big Head" or "Small Head", Hebrew slang for taking initiative, and being awesome at your job or responsibilities regardless of how small they are.
rindolf perlbot: learn Rosh Qatan is [fact Rosh Gadol]
perlbot rindolf: Stored Rosh Qatan is [fact Rosh Gadol] as
rindolf perlbot: rosh qatan
perlbot rindolf: No factoid found. Did you mean one of these: [Rosh Gadol]
rindolf pink_mist: can you help?
rindolf perlbot: alias
perlbot rindolf: use the new mkalias command: mkalias foo <- bar
rindolf We need aliases for both rosh qatan and rosh katan
Su-Shee no, we don't.
Su-Shee or do they indicate perl stuff?
rindolf In The Gilmore Girls ( ♥! ), Lorelai started off as a cleaner of that inn, and ended up running that place.
rindolf Su-Shee: it is related to Perl.
Su-Shee no, it's not.
rindolf Su-Shee: and it has nothing to do with sex/celebrities/etc.
Su-Shee yes and you can still stop dropping all your private shit into the bot.
_DrForr No, it's a term from a blog about software. It's as related to perl as 'scrum' is.
rindolf Su-Shee: why do you think that perlbot should be about 100% perl stuff?
rindolf On irc.perl.org purl has stuff from Monty Python.
Su-Shee rindolf: the name "perl" bot might be an indicator. and we're not on irc.perl.org and purl is purl.
rindolf _DrForr++
_DrForr Historical accident.
rindolf Su-Shee: well, we discussed Rosh Gadol/Qatan in the past here.
rindolf Su-Shee: it's part of #perl's culture.
Su-Shee nice try. you're the only one who's dropping his culture into the bot. how about making your own bot for it.
_DrForr I'm guessing you mean 'you' there.
rindolf Su-Shee: perlbot is the bot of #perl, #perlcafe, and related channels - not of the perl 5 programming language.
_DrForr So you're now the arbiter, I see.
rindolf _DrForr: what?
rindolf perlbot: define arbiter
perlbot rindolf: arbiter n 1: someone with the power to settle matters at will; "she was the final arbiter on all matters of fashion" [syn: {arbiter}, {supreme authority}] 2: someone chosen to judge and decide a disputed issue; "the critic was considered to be an arbiter of modern literature"; "the arbitrator's authority derived from the consent of the disputants";... [Output truncated. Use `more` to read more]
rindolf Ah, hah.
rindolf _DrForr: well, it's ultimately up to thrig to decide.
Su-Shee oh if we take thrig's sense of humor as a measurement I see interesting times and judgements ahead.. ;)
rindolf _DrForr: or Su-Shee and I can try to convince one another of our righteousness using THERMO-NUCLEAR-WAR!
rindolf jkg: LOVELIEST!
_DrForr Would you like to play a game?
jkg how about a nice game of chess?
rindolf _DrForr: is it a quote from WarGames?
_DrForr Finally enlightenment strikes.
rindolf jkg: "A battle of wits? To the death?! I accept!!"
jkg I think you switched movies :)
rindolf jkg: seamlessly.
Su-Shee if I'm going to war over this, I will win without a battle.
rindolf Oooooh... cheater.
rindolf Gotta love a girl who bends the rules - http://www.shlomifish.org/humour/fortunes/show.cgi?id=david-vs-goliath--hacker .
rindolf Su-Shee: so how are you going to win without a battle? Will you poison my water?
Su-Shee I never cheat. I don't need to. Because you will nicely fall into your own sword without me even moving a finger. and we're almost there.
Su-Shee and I will have warned you and I will have made transparent how this works and you will not believe it and yet it will be happening.
rindolf Ooohhh... free man destroying himself.
jkg evil mastermind 101: never tell your adversaries that you're close to achieving your goals.
rindolf jkg: heh.
rindolf jkg++
_DrForr jkg: But come on, the cliche'd Bond villain speech is a *classic*.
Su-Shee jkg: wrong. tell them. often. they don't believe you anyways.
rindolf Su-Shee++
rindolf perlbot: thanks
perlbot rindolf: If you want to thank us, help out by sending some money (even just a little) to the Perl Foundation to help with perl5 development - https://secure.donor.com/pf012/give
rindolf cyber37_guest: ^^^
jkg heh
rindolf cyber37_guest: also feel free to lurk here and learn more or ask more questions.
rindolf cyber37_guest: time >>> money.
rindolf perlbot: time
perlbot rindolf: ($sec,$min,$hour,$mday,$mon,$year,$wday,$yday,$isdst)=localtime(time); OR Modules: Time::Piece, Time::Format, Time::Tiny, etc.
LeoNerd "time. Don't talk to me about time. It's sooooo depressing"
rindolf If only we had cryptotime - BitDuration.
rindolf And no - I don't mean timestamps.
rindolf LeoNerd: heh.
Su-Shee so. now I wrote 27 tables and didn't try one of them and now I'm going to shove them all into the database with a makefile which of course will explode .. because.. I didn't try any of them.
phx sounds like fun
Su-Shee mostly like "stupid"
rindolf Su-Shee: good luck.
rindolf Hubris!
LeoNerd Tests are overrated
rindolf Well, a good amount of hubris is useful in moderation.
LeoNerd If it breaks, your users will let you know
rindolf LeoNerd: heh.
LeoNerd .oO( mine do ;) )
rindolf We wouldn't have had modern tech without Hubris.
rindolf Or without neophilia.
Su-Shee LeoNerd: I have tests actually. thanks to theory's amazing pgtap/mytap.
jkg the three virtues of a great programmer: laziness, hubris and necrophilia
_DrForr Always mount a scratch database.
Su-Shee LeoNerd: haven't adjusted them to the new stuff yet because I can't be bothered to do real TDD ;)
rindolf jkg: necrophilia?
jkg haha
jkg I just realised, I completely misread you.
jkg I did think it was a bit weird...
rindolf jkg: yes, neophilia - love of novelty.
rindolf jkg: possibly being a hipster.
jkg sure, I know the word - I just misread and thought you'd dialled the weirdness up another notch ;)
rindolf Both neophilia and hubris should be done in moderation.
rindolf well, arguably a necrophil is someone who uses antiquated stuff.
rindolf Like Thé Symbul in http://www.shlomifish.org/humour/Star-Trek/We-the-Living-Dead/ .
* Zoffix saves jkg's quote for use later out of context :)
jkg Zoffix: you're welcome, I guess :)
rindolf Her character was inspired by a very powerful sorceress in the D&D Forgotten Realms world, but in the story, she only has very primitive "superpowers", and is annoyed by always being considered the opposite.
rindolf And still she is considered one of the most influential Qs.
rindolf Zoffix: meow.
Zoffix \o
rindolf Zoffix: how is the 4th of July treating you canuks?
Zoffix Oh... Happy 4th of July, all you guys down below :)
rindolf Zoffix: heh.
Zoffix rindolf, business as usual. Except with the US company we deal with being closed, I guess all the customers will be calling me today, instead of them :(
rindolf Zoffix: what time is it there?
Zoffix 6:12am
rindolf Zoffix: ah, I see. :-(
rindolf Zoffix: will you get paid extra?
rindolf Zoffix: ah, good time.
Zoffix For what?
rindolf Zoffix: how's the weather?
rindolf Zoffix: for hanlding all their calls?
Zoffix no
rindolf Zoffix: I'm trying to find a company to sponsor my summer trip to Europe.
Zoffix heh
rindolf Zoffix: I'm willing to be their cheerleader for the duration of the trip.
huf Su-Shee: hmm/
huf ?
Su-Shee huf: too late. ;)
* rindolf contemplates marrying a chick called Fish and becoming the Fish-Fish family.
rindolf There are some Miss Fish of English descent who are not Jewish, including some in .us.
LinuxGuy Any ddoser here
rindolf LinuxGuy: what?
rindolf LinuxGuy: no nefarious activity.
rindolf LinuxGuy: and don't PM me.
rindolf LinuxGuy: DDoS is wrong.
LinuxGuy yeah but its right if it perform for good cause
LinuxGuy i can pay for attack
popl LinuxGuy: Wrong channel.
popl LinuxGuy: Go away.
* LinuxGuy (Rock@ has left
Zoffix *Wrong network
jkg that was surprisingly effective.
Zoffix Also... wtf my LShift+* don't work :(
BinGOs >:)
popl bullshit losers
popl some people make me want to beat them with a rake
BinGOs fllthy infidel
Su-Shee I have no problems whatsoever with a ddos as a political thing. paying for it is stretching it though.
* icke (~anno@p5DDB0683.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined
BinGOs to paraphrase Asimov "DDoS is the last resort of the incompetent"
popl DDoS is stupid.
Su-Shee popl: maybe. I still don't have a problem with it as a political act. I might find blockades, boycotts or barricades equally stupid.
BinGOs we had to spend money on anti-ddos kit because of idiots.
Zoffix Were you ddosed by the guys who sold you the anti-ddos kit? :)
jkg that's an excellent marketing strategy.
Zoffix heh yeah, sounds like a good business opportunity.
popl Great until the court hearing.
BinGOs they also stop portscans and what-not.
BinGOs which was the main reason for getting them.
popl $12 wrench beats $2000 anti-DDoS software.
BinGOs they are network bridges really.
Zoffix popl, that's why you should find someone online to ddos for you, for payment.
Zoffix Oh, wait! That's what LinuxGuy was doing! See? We figured out. LinuxGuy is the guy who sold BinGOs anti-ddos kit :D
popl Your logic is exceedingly Canadian.
Su-Shee I'm familar with deductive and inductive logic and all that.. but canadian..
Zoffix popl, yes, Canadian logic is invariably brilliant :P
Zoffix Also, wtf are you gonna do with a $12 wrench?
popl syrupy
popl Zoffix: What would you do with a $12 wrench.
popl s/\./\?/
Zoffix popl, sell it for $20
rindolf Ah, LinuxGuy went away.
rindolf Zoffix: <Zoffix> Oh, wait! That's what LinuxGuy was doing! See? We figured out. LinuxGuy is the guy who sold BinGOs anti-ddos kit :D ==> heh! Zoffix++
rindolf This channel is very funny today.
rindolf Zoffix: conspiracy theories FTW!
rindolf Stop! Reddit time.
dont-panic lol... Did he really think someone was going to do some ddosin' for him?
dont-panic go play with ping and send exceedingly large and canadian packets
locsmif Anti-ddos? How does that work if it's a packet storm unless you can prune that at the ISP?
Altreus load balancing!
anno ddefense
jkg you just need to set up flow of the same frequency and amplitude, half a phase out of sync.
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