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Chuck Norris and Perl

RiXtEr-Work thanks perl people! Sorry I am a newbie!
apeiron Don't apologize for being a newbie
DrForr RiXtEr-Work: We all were at one time. Well, except maybe Larry.
apeiron Apologize for being stupid and then fix it
RiXtEr-Work drforr, I wrote a bunch of perl back in about 2003-2005 era, but if you don't use it you lose it I guess..
rindolf DrForr: Chuck Norris was never a newbie!
rindolf Chuck Norris will kill anyone who implies otherwise.
RiXtEr-Work rindolf, chuck norris is the perl interpereter...
rindolf RiXtEr-Work: heh.
rindolf Only perl and Chuck Norris can parse Perl.
RiXtEr-Work haha
DrForr Naw, all Chuck Norris has to do is *look* at perl and it interprets itself out of fear and respect.
RiXtEr-Work Chuck Norris doesn't need to program, his computer does what he says when he says it.
rindolf Chuck Norris taught God how to create the universe.
DrForr Insert Higgs joke here.
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Tagline I was a newbie once. Chuck Norris wasn’t.