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Chuck Norris and Dimensions

rindolf New Chuck Norris factoid I came up with today “Chuck Norris’s idea of a short walk is to the Andromeda Galaxy and back.”
b0at_ You’re trying too hard.
b0at_ Also, you’ve ignored the curvature of space.
b0at_ which results from Chuck’s winning smile
b0at_ or Larry’s mustache, depending on one’s frame of reference
rindolf b0at_: heh.
rindolf b0at_: Larry Wall’s mustache, right?
b0at_ rindolf: Depending on how many dimensions you think the universe has, his could be the only mustache. So, yes.
rindolf b0at_: I think the universe has 0 dimensions.
Altreus zacts: what options are there?
rindolf b0at_: - Larry Wall facts.
sysdef rindolf: maybe it has -1 dimensions
rindolf sysdef: or maybe -2.57673438i dimensions.
rindolf I wonder what an imaginary dimension is.
rindolf But reportedly fractals are fractional dimensions.
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