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And you coll yourself a programmer

rindolf Su-Shee: it's VBA, not VB.
rindolf Su-Shee: completely different beast.
rindolf Su-Shee: and much saner.
rindolf Su-Shee: I don't know VB.
rindolf Never had the need.
c0bra _Fauchi95_: alright
fuzzix rindolf: And you coll yourself a programmer...
rindolf And hopefully will never have the need.
rindolf fuzzix: call
fuzzix rindolf: Good coll. Dvorak's tough after spending the day on qwerty :)
rindolf fuzzix: coll again?
rindolf Hmm... there is such a word called "coll".
fuzzix rindolf: That one was a joke :)
c0bra why stop now? he's on a roll
rindolf Wonder what it means.
rindolf fuzzix: ah.
simcop2387 c0bra: a rick roll?
rindolf rall
c0bra a coll roll
rindolf roll the ball.
rindolf rall the boll.
rindolf And go to the Super-bowl.
c0bra Coll\, v. t. [OF. coler, fr. L. collum neck.] To embrace.
rindolf "Rolling is hard. Let's go to the mall."
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