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Selling Perl Documentation at Bargain Prices

FreakGuard icke, how to start REPL?
icke FreakGuard: looked in the docs?
FreakGuard icke, no.
icke you got to load it from CPAN
FreakGuard icke, yeah, I've installed it.
* Altreus sells FreakGuard perl docs at a reasonable price only $9.99 each
icke perldoc Devel::REPL is the direct way to info then
* Altreus wrings his hands and cackles
FreakGuard icke, thanks :P
* rindolf bests Altreus' bargain by 1 cent.
rindolf Reminds me of what I learned in Game Theory.
* Altreus offers free delivery
* rindolf allows free download
rindolf Of course quality > price.
* rindolf offers a deluxe edition of the Perl documentation for 1,000 USD plus shipping and handling.
huf diamond-encrusted?
rindolf See for a preview.
rindolf huf: natural diamonds, too.
rindolf huf: Canadian diamonds.
huf well, if <> is natural... :)
rindolf huf: heh.
rindolf huf: not this kind of diamond.
* Altreus compresses if () under several million tonnes of rock for a few aeons
rindolf I also give free spaceships - <=>
infrared heh
rindolf Diamonds are heresy! We need PEARLs!
rindolf /usr/bin/PEARL
Altreus f00li5h: Seems like it!
FreakGuard I prefer other gems :-)
Altreus I suggested to Think Geek that they should do Perl necklaces but they didn't
rindolf FreakGuard: Ruby gems?
FreakGuard rindolf, correct.
Altreus The rare PHP
Altreus Darling I got you a PHP wedding ring
Altreus oh it broke
rindolf Altreus: as PHP tends to.
* rindolf laughts maniacally.
Altreus you maniac!
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