The Final Perl Countdown - Fortune

The Final Perl Countdown

* GumbyPAN CPAN Upload: App-Countdown-v0.0.3 by SHLOMIF
* rindolf nuzzles GumbyPAN
thrig when is 0.0.2 coming out?
rindolf thrig: 0.0.2 of what?
thrig rindolf: THE COUNTDOWN!
stan_ the final one?
rindolf thrig: it was released earlier today. ;-)
thrig what sort of countdown goes up?
rindolf thrig: the Merlin countdown.
huf one in soviet russia?
apeiron perlbot, in soviet russia
perlbot apeiron: joke is tired of you
sjohnson heh
reisio thrig: the kind parsed by Opera
* GumbyPAN CPAN Upload: App-Countdown-v0.0.4 by SHLOMIF
thrig !
rindolf thrig: s/App-Countdown/App-Countup/
Channel #perl
Network Freenode
Tagline Count von Countdown