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rindolf My father and I joked about sorting the dishes in the dishwasher.
rindolf My father said: "If you won't sort the dishwasher, the dishwasher won't be sorted."
Loci64 rindolf: bubble sort *g*
icke dishsort
rindolf Then I said "No, it won't be sorted by me."
rindolf So he said "No, it won't be sorted at all. We will throw the dishwasher."
rindolf "Along with all the dishes."
rindolf Loci64: bubble sort is inefficient.
rindolf Loci64: you should use quicksort or mergesort.
whoppix or bashsort, or heapsort!
icke yeah, but thorough.
rindolf Loci64: or for small values of "N" - insertion sort.
whoppix although I can't remember if those were stable.
rindolf whoppix: what is bashsort?
icke that matters for a dishwasher
EvanCarroll /bin/sort
EvanCarroll duh
Loci64 hehe, but dishwashers usually have medium to large numbers of N ;-) maybe trashsort solves the problem
rindolf EvanCarroll: perldoc -f sort is more portable.
whoppix rindolf, shellsort, not bashsort, sorry :)
rindolf But I'll need to build a robot to use it with the dishes.
icke cshsort
EvanCarroll here must be a trillion sorting algos
EvanCarroll and 9/10 of them are total shit
EvanCarroll and inferior in every way.
EvanCarroll This sorting algorithem is coveted if you KNOW that only one value is out of perfect order and it sits in the second to last position of the input.
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