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theseb i have a regex that finds stuff in parentheses... "\(.*\)" make it NOT be "greedy"?
theseb i.e. if it sees "(aaa)bbb)" I want it to grab (aaa) instead of the entire string
theseb (aaa)bbb)
Kyshtynbai /\ba\b|(\b.*a[^b]+\b)/ <-- this works for my proble, at least at that tests that i run for it. Regexp' theme is really an effort as it seems to me...
Su-Shee theseb: you know there is a module to matched paired things like parentheses.. Text::Balanced?
Su-Shee theseb: extract_bracketed
DrForr Text::Balanced, yes. Doing ab-type balanced strings in REs is a pain.
theseb Su-Shee: thanks...i actually have the same problem with brackets []
Su-Shee theseb: extract_bracketed ;)
LeoNerd Or Parser::MGC :)
Su-Shee theseb: also, .* is the most unspecific regex you can use, it's like saying oh well match something of anything or nothing and please, a lot of it ;)
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