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How to say IP?

Altreus Hmm I should have checked the licence on Inline::Lua
dwu orochi_: licence it and people will steal it anyway :)
Yaakov Well, you can try to steal that, but it would be like a mouse stealing a battle tank.
dwu Altreus: you mean acronym?
Altreus Perl license
Altreus dwu: n
Altreus IP is not pronounced as a word so it is not an acronym.
Altreus At least not in the original meaning of the word: which is the only meaning given by a majority of dictionaries
Yaakov Yes, it's not a true acronym, though the word now has that baggage.
orochi_ Ip Ip Ip!
Altreus ni!
* orochi_ runs away
dwu Altreus: i say ip... :)
Yaakov IP would be an abbreviation.
dwu also, initials? but isms are cool.
rindolf I see Eye.Pea.
dwu oooh yes.
dwu and dead people?
* rindolf is listening to Sesame Street - Yip Yip Martians
Altreus dwu: Intent is involved; just because you say it as a word does not mean it was meant to be said as a word ;)
Altreus wikipedia knows about it, and has like a million sauces cited
Altreus mostly dictionaries
Yaakov YAPC is an acronymic moniker! BE THERE
dwu Altreus: well absolutement :) also, yumy, i like bernaise.
rindolf I say* Eye.Pea.
dwu hrrrm, the oxford cream dictionary. *nomnomnom*
dwu rindolf: awww.
ne2k__ Eye.Pea.Freely
rindolf dwu: heh
ne2k__ no-one says "ip", everyone says "Eye Pea"
Altreus Ip address
dwu rindolf: can you just -say- dead people, for the heck of it?
rindolf Yip address
dwu ne2k__: provably false. i need an ip address, stat!
Altreus yiff address?
rindolf dwu: I say dead people.
dwu <3 rindolf
rindolf dwu: I say.
dwu you do :)
Altreus I say I say I say
rindolf dwu: :-)
ne2k__ dwu: you can't stat an ip address, only a file
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