For lack of a slash - Fortune

For lack of a slash

nydel helo
mucker_ hello nydel
nydel howdy mucker_ & how're you
DrForr ehlo nydel
mucker_ nydel: borderline
nydel hihi DrForr
mucker_ nydel: The Doctor is drunk !! In a short while he will start singing :)
nydel DrForr: why wait? mucker_ will you get on backup vocals
DrForr Don't make me get out my ga^wuke.
nydel let's sing about Perl, are there any good Perl songs
DrForr Ask PerlJam.
tadzik Rolling Stones had something about Tuesday
tadzik that was Ruby Tuesday though :(
DrForr Well, I *did* have a pint at lunch, but I'd hardly call that 'drunk'.
nydel DrForr: pint of vodka?
DrForr Hoegaarden actually.
rindolf nydel:
rindolf nydel: also
DrForr o/' Will the real Rip Taylor please crack up, please crack up, please crack up o/'
rindolf nydel:
nydel rindolf: what lovely little ditties!
DrForr Hey, who you callin'....oh :)
nydel is there an offtopic perl channel?
DrForr Is there an *ontopic* perl channel?
rindolf nydel: #perlcafe and #perl-cats
nydel fed you that straight line didn't i
nydel join #perlcafe
nydel pardon my lack of slash.
rindolf For lack of a slash, the command failed.
rindolf For lack of a command, the client failed.
rindolf For lack of a client, the server failed.
rindolf For lack of a server, the network failed.
rindolf All because of a little slash.
pink_mist For lack of a network, the corporation failed. For lack of a corporation, the community failed.
mucker_ Having failed, the community peddled hash tables to kids
DrForr "The first key's free!"
cfedde see? I've been saying this is a language based on drug culture.
DrForr "UNIX and LSD were both invented at Berkeley. I do not believe this to be a coincidence."
cfedde BSD and LSD.
cfedde Unix was invented at some east coast lab.
DrForr Thanks for the correction, I knew it didn't quite sound right.
pink_mist also, was LSD really *invented* at Berkeley? I find that hard to believe ... that it's *available* there I don't doubt though..
mucker_ well guido is from netherlands.
pink_mist ... seems it was actually discovered in Basel, Germany by Albert Hofmann in 1938 :P
pink_mist Basel, Germany -- Berkeley ... starting letter and ending letters are the same :P
Channel #perl
Network Freenode
Tagline Fun on #perl